Tuesday, July 17, 2007

a few things i've noticed

*there must be little quality package control over at sunmaid raisins. i just opened a box of golden raisins, and there was one squished in the seal!

*recycling is easier than i thought. at least in the summer. if i empty something that i know is recyclable, i just give it to a boy, and they carry it out to the bin. in fact, until i emptied the door on the freezer (it got left ajar last week, and everything in the door spoiled, so i had to throw it all away, except the flours), we only had one trash can. rare for us. i'm reducing our carbon footprint (i almost typed that foodprint, lol!)

*despite everything i've done on my end, the cable is running abyssmally slow. sigh.

*liam is absolutely burning through the sword of truth series. i started him on it at the beginning of the summer, and he's finished #7. there are 11 in the series. and they're not tiny books. at least 500 pages a piece! not to mention everything else he's been reading! reminds me of me at that age, when i had nothing to do but read in the summer (i would hide out in my room, and listen to my radio and read till all hours of the night.

*i missed spinning on the 15th, but since the 16th was a rest day, it worked out, and i just spun on the 16th! wouldn't you know it, i am on a major spinning jag, sign up for this thing, and all of a sudden, MS3 and squares of cotton ease mean more. sigh.

*i missed my L&V marathon goal. i had put in for 2 miles, and was 25 yards short of one mile. oh well. they were all for charity.

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