Friday, July 20, 2007

i has questionz!

Fillyjonk ran across this thing where a friend asked her 5 questions, and she had to answer them on her blog. then she said she'd ask 5 questions for anyone who requested them, so here they are, with the answers.

1. I know you have culinary training. What was the most fun and what was the least fun part of it?
The most fun? The Garde Manger & Buffet service class. We got to do a food sculpture, as well as ice sculpture, and set up display platters for 3 different buffets we did. That and being able to work with ingredients i'll never have in my own home (like truffles!).

The least fun? The absolute worst was Quality Control class. It was exclusively a classroom class, no hands on, and the note taking consisted of filling out pre-printed worksheets. On top of that, it was right after lunch service (that was an actual class; we'd prepare lunch, then serve it to the college students), and the teacher had a very monotonous voice. Needless to say, people did fall asleep in the class (one poor guy even snored!).

2. If you were going to open a restaurant (money is no object), what type of food would you serve and what would the restaurant be like?
I think i'd open a sandwich/coffee shop, with an adjoining yarn shop. I used to have all kinds of high flown ideas when i was younger, but as i've gotten older, my priorities have changed a bit. Now, they wouldn't be ordinary sandwiches (i've not gotten THAT boring), but fun stuff like oriental fusion chicken salad wrap, or chipotle grilled tuna pita pocket with field greens. drooling yet?

3. What is your favorite fiber type to spin or knit with?
i love spinning merino. i learned with merino, and i just adore it, still. to knit? alpaca. it's sooooooooo soft!

4. Describe one particularly kind or touching thing Mark has done for you.
ok, grab the hankie. Mark took my boys into his heart, no questions asked. Even though he's never had children of his own, and had actually been living on his own for 3 or 4 years, and had been single for 8 years, when we started dating (he'd had roommates for a while after his first wife left), he never hesitated. NEVER. Sean can be difficult, and for those who remember, has had some rough going. last summer was extremely tough. still, no hesitation. he will tell you "those are my boys." the only reason why he hasn't adopted them yet, is because they're attached to their last name (it's unique). at least that's what the boys say. But if they ever say "Dad, i want you to adopt me" we'll be calling a lawyer that day.

5. What's your favorite movie?
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (imagine that, today of all days!)
however, the kitschy sneaky part of my heart says A Walk in the Clouds, with Keanu Reeves. what can i say, i'm a sucker for dark hair and gorgeous eyes.

And now i'll open it up for anyone else who is interested! Who wants questionz?


Alcariel said...

Why not? I need blog fodder.

TitaniumRose said...

Amen to that, lay it on girlie.

Maryellen said...

I'll take an order of questions!

Emily said...

Hi, this is actually a response to a comment you left on the Mason Dixon blog and I couldn't think of any other way to respond. I'm a history student and I did my senior paper on knitting in pre-modern times. If any SCA people start telling you that no one knit 'back then,' I would suggest pointing them towards Richard Rutt's excellent History of Handknitting which provides evidence that knitting has been a vital part of the lives of millions of Europeans from circa 800 AD on. I'm not sure what era the SCA shoots for, or I could be more specific.