Wednesday, July 11, 2007

woohoo, titles!

i know, i know, really original.

hmmmmm. what do you want to know? i know!

my afternoon with miss vi & the knitting idiot aka beth. my god, i had fun! beth arrived while i was packing orders, and i continued with thank yous while they chitchatted. i just sat there and laughed, lol. then i took sean to the library to do a "make your own clock" class (i love these "teen" classes they've offered this year! they did a "mystery dinner" last month that both boys went to, and thoroughly enjoyed (the menu? tacos & nachos, lol!)), and the games began! we were originally going to go to the farmer's market, but discovered the downtown one no longer operates on wednesdays any more (hey, vi! mark told me it's been relocated to boystown! more investigation is needed, i see!)

so, we decided to convene at personal threads. god, i love that place. i never used to like it, but there's been a few changes, and i heartily approve. as miss vi needed some coffee first, beth asked if we could stop @ a craft store so she could pick up a few needed things. would you believe they don't carry the toggles on sweatshirts? the lady in the fabric department agreed that they really do need to carry them. so she only ended up getting ribbon (and the poor guy who checked her out? i think he primarily works in the back, because he almost forgot her discount (the ribbon was on sale!)). then, because the line had been so long, we decided to skip hancock fabrics (she knew THEY carried the toggles she needed), since we didn't want to strand miss vi at personal threads alone (god knows what damage she would have done to her credit card without us to restrain her (we won't discuss the yummy skeins i kept finding, and tempting her with (tibet silk, and cashmere laceweight!))) (there goes my infamous parenthetical love!), we hustled our fannies down there, to find she hadn't arrived yet.

for those of you who have been to personal threads in person, you know they put a 40% off bucket/shelf in the doorway. le sigh. i resisted temptation. i was there as back-up. beth was after sweater yarn. then i saw the austerman sock yarn with the aloe in it. and such tasty colors! i still stood firm. then miss vi appeared, and i started having fun distracting her with tasty skeins. and joe. omg! he is so funny! and so helpful! and such an ENABLER! he's the one who put the cashmere laceweight in my hands originally.

and then i fell. boom. admittedly, i haven't been buying much yarn this year. like i need to! i ran across the koigu basket. i know y'all have heard of the koigu wall. well, this basket is located near there, full of lonely singles & doubles, and discontinued colors. i normally only wear red on football saturdays (when i remember, lol). i've been told it's a good color for me (particularly since i quit dyeing my hair), but i'm just not a red person. however, several bright red skeins of KPM leapt out at me. that's when joe stepped in (almost literally!). i had 3 in my hands, and he took one and set it aside, as its color didn't match the other two as well (variations in the same dyelot, i believe). i looked down at the remainders, heard him say "those two go together much better," and then heard hosannahs sung on high. MINE! i clutched them to my chest, and did not release them until i paid forthem. then there was the sockotta perched so cunningly above aforementioned koigu basket. we were admiring all the interesting colors, and joe said "this does its own fair isle." however, the skein that sung to me? reminded me of tropical birds and citrus drinks. SNATCH! this one huddled in with the koigu, and got comfy. at that point, i said "no more!" and turned to the saleslady and paid for it quickly! i have found that this is a good antidote to further purchases. i really didn't do too bad. i only spent about $30. but still. thud. right off the wagon. i'm thinking fawkes for the red (if it's the right weight, i have to look at the pattern), and monkey socks for the sockotta.

then we absconded out to miss vi's, and sat around and shot the shit til i had to go pick liam up at the library (mark was a lovely husband, and picked up sean from his class, and dropped liam off for his volunteer duty, hence freeing me up for this afternoon of fun & frivolity!)

what a lovely day! and, apparently, another lady from the L&V message board is coming july 24th! (she'll actually be here on the23rd, but that is zoo day, lol). another excuse to go into the shadow of the valey of yarn!

i shall fear no evil, for thou art knitted with me.
thy needles & thy bodkin, they comfort me

i better stop, now, before i offend someone!

but i may continue again later!

oh, and a bodkin? here


Maryellen said...

Sounds like you had a great day. I little yarn won't hurt anyone now.

AnnaMarie said...

I'm allowing myself one purchase a month to alleviate the jonesing for yarn but I swear I DREAM about yarn!!! I live through ya'll who buy yarn, where are pictures!!!

Jen said...

Darn, I KNEW I should have posted something before my recent trip - I was there two weekends ago! I attempted a visit to the yarn shops, but had no idea that they'd be closed on a Sunday, so I was out of luck :(