Tuesday, July 10, 2007

call the men in the white coats

call the men in white coats (and the shift+tab thingie didn'twork!) edit: the titles areworking again, now if only my space barwould behave!

on several accounts!

1) i went & weeded my garden sunday night. at 10 pm. yes it was dark. but not so dark i couldn't differentiate tomato plants from weeds. i got 6 grape tomatoes earlier in the day, which the boys sucked down like they didn't exist (granted, these things were the size of my pinky!) i've also got buttloads of plum tomatoes (roma), and other tomatoes, but not a ripening one in the bunch. i did get 2 more grape tomatoes today, though (sean hoovered those). i've also got pepperage going. the eggplants were in the shade for part of the summer (i'd show you my garden, but then the city might see, and then i'd REALLY have to clean things up), so they're just now getting some growth to them. hopefully, we'll see some blooms, soon. (the one thing i didn't get? mosquito bites. for some reason, they just don't like me this year. really bothers me, let me tell ya!)

2) i signed up for the MS3. in my defense, i've had a cone of 1500 yds of medium grey laceweight alpaca that i got from laurie, for 2 years. she'd found a deal on a pound of this stuff, and they agreed to recone it in 4 oz helpings, so i agreed to help her out. i've been hunting for a pattern for it. sooooooooo, off i went to hobby lobby, and found some beads on sale (lovely reddish/pinkish beads that go so well with it (i was initally looking for something a little less . . . garish, but they were out of most of the bigger beads, and these aren't too bad. i'll take photos when i get a chance (or think of it, lol). believe it or not, my hobby lobby also carried the dangerous crochet hooks, so between my beads & hook, itcost me under $5! my downfall were the addi lace turbos i bought at personal threads. still, i only spent an additional $23 total. i'm thinking i'll gift this to my SIL, since she's allergic to wool, and she cried over the last shawl i made for her.

3) i was sorely tempted to go to the opening of HP5 tonight. i hadn't realized it was opening midweek, until i saw carin was going to meet a coworker at the only theater that is having a midnight showing tonight. one small problem. the movie is over 2 hours long (i looked it up!) and i have to be at my mom's at 10 tomorrow morning for her pacemaker check (i love that they can do it over the phone!). midnight showing + over 2 hours of movie + needing to get up eearly = cranky minnie. that and the fact that the boys are STILL AWAKE (it's 1040 pm right now) (i just heard sean yelling at liam, i may just go to the damned movie by myself on thursday!), and i really don't feel comfortable leaving for that long while they're still up and terrorizing each other.

4) i joined tour de fleece. well dammit, i was going to show you a pic of the roving i'd just finished plying, but apparently, my camera card was too full, and i didn't see it, so i've got nuttin'! anyway, this isn't nearly so much a stretch as i'm always spinning anyway. in fact, right now i'm spinning up some of tara's roving for deawn. not quite sure what i'm getting out of it, other than hilarious stories about recent funerals for notorious deaths in the city (you knew she worked at a funeral home when she's here in the states, didn't you?)(and go check this out, i about DIED when i saw it! i think i may just have to make one for myself!)

anybody wanna hear waht i've been reading? and yes, i've been reading, i've just been lax about talking about it.

Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon (book cd in the house. this one is going slow, as i've discovered the joys of a DVR, and am trying to catch up on a backlog of shows (creative juice, i love you, but you may just have to go))

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (book cd in the car) i ended up listening to these out of order because there was a huge queue for this one. funny, it still came before OOTP. i better hurry if i want to hear all of them before the new one comes out (egad, 10 days!)

The Dragon Reborn by Robert Jordan. i actually had to check this book out twice, because someone requested it before i had finished, and there was no way i'd get it done before i'd get a fine. i'm actually enjoying it this time around. it's book 3 of the wheel of time series. (i've got 4& 5 on book cd, which will happen after HP4 & HP5)

Water: Tales of Elemental Spirits, by Robin McKinley. this is a YA book, but it's 6 short stories, and very good. i don't mind the YA label at all!

and on that note, imust fly. my spacebar is hosed (hush, eliza!), and i'mtired of pounding on it to make it work. sigh.


Michelle said...

I wish I could have a veggie garden, but with the starving raccoons in the area...oh and the possums and the gophers [those suckers can inhale a garden faster than a Hoover] there is no way I can. *sniffle*

I was going to join tour de fleece also, but decided against it. I'm dying in this heat just sitting on my arse, don't know what spinning in this heat would do to me.

AnnaMarie said...

I don't join knitting things because I am so ADD about knitting. Can't wait to see pictures of your shawl, will you post progress pics please, please, please!!! For those of us who live vicariously through ya'll who actually get things done *g*

I've got 4 itty bitty ripe tomatoes but they are soooo pretty, I almost don't want to pick them!

Laurie said...

I can't wait to see this knitted up! I can't knit with deadlines well, so am the only person on the planet who didn't.