Wednesday, January 18, 2006

you think i was brave before?

Edit: today is my blogiversary. wow, a whole year. i hadn't realized until i read her post, but the yarn harlot has only been blogging a year longer than me. does that mean there's a book deal in the making? let's hope!

just you watch.


now to explain that outburst. there is a company in new england somewhere that is sueing deb stoller over the use of the words "stitch" and "bitch" because they own a cafe with that name. brand confusion? i don't think so. anyway, go check out this blog for a link to all the mayhem, and insanity. let's fight this!

now watch how brave i REALLY am.

this is brown sheep wildfoote, color # 100 (aka Rock & Roll!) while it's not STR, there's rock in it. and the reason why i'm mentioning STR? that has been the sock yarn of choice for Jaywalker socks by Grumperina (go check her blog, it's cool, and it won an award for best technical blog (go see joe for the details, i'm being lazy). and yes, that itty bitty teeny bit of knitting down there is the microswatch for the jaywalker socks. i'm scared! frightened even! i've never knit with needles this small! i'm afraid i'll snap them in half! and this yarn! this is definitely uncharted territory. however, if i can do this:
i can do anything. including the peacock, lol. this, my lovelies, is the flower basket shawl from IK fall 2004. this is the super secret project that i've been hinting at for months. this is my first lace project ever. and even i'm impressed, lol (i am literally my own worst critic). there is a small mistake at the very end, but no one can find it, and i'm not pointing it out, lol! this came out absolutely magnificently! i'm so pleased with it, andi hope my SIL likes it.
i was gonna post a pic of the yarn i'm going to use for peacock, but blogger has decided i'v ehit my limit for pics tonight. and iwa s gonna post sky pics for sandy. sorry hon.

and since i'm tired, and i'm casting on for jaywalker as we speak, that's all you're getting today.

and welcome back erin!


Guernseygal said...

Beautiful FBS, I love the colours. The sock yarn rocks as well and it doesn't have to be STR. I've made two pairs of Jaywalkers now, one pair in Opal and one pair in some handpainted dyed by Tiffany at Princess knits. I don't have easy access to STR over here so I make them in what ever takes my fancy :-)

mamaloo said...

What a beautiful shawl! Who are you kidding? Peacock will be a breeze!

fillyjonk said...

Wow, that's just freaking nuts, about the "stitch and bitch" copyright. As several have pointed out, it existed long before this stupid cafe....I actually kinda hope it DOES go to court, and some clever person pulls out a copy of "No Idle Hands" and shows the judge of prior existence, and the judge laughs the cafe out of court...

I mean, what were they thinking? Ticking off a large proportion of people who might possibly become their customer base is a bad bad idea.

Michelle said...

About the Stitch; &; and; n'; Bitch. Seems like there are those that think they are entitled to anything for trademark. I'm just rolling my eyes about the whole situation.

You did a great job knitting your flower basket shawl. You'll have no problem with the Peacock Feathers that you're becoming addicted to lace. [wink]