Wednesday, January 11, 2006

let's try this again

here is the sockyarn that boogie (check yesterday's post for the link, i'm too tired to look it up) sent me in the round robin exchange at kr. it's opal (i know, i didn't think to show the label, lol). this stuff looks quite nice! however, i don't think it will work for the jaywalker socks, so i guess i'll just have to buy some at SoP tomorrow night (aw, shucks!).

ok, life is kicking me in the teeth again. sean has escalated his behavior to the point that we've had to start a new level of care with him. so far so good, but it's only been 2 days. we're waiting for the honeymoon to be over, and then they'll get sean full blast.

liam is going to fail pre-algebra this semester. because he refuses to turn in his work. i got an email from his teacher today that he's short 5 assignments, and the semester ends tomorrow. i don't get it. i know he's having a hard time with the class, but not turning in the assignments is making it worse. he's been told that if he doesn't pass, regardless of OPS's policy, he will repeat 7th grade. we've been trying the tactic of how humiliating it would be to be in the same grade as his little brother. don't know if that will work or not.

and then there's my darling baby girl. steph has been emailing me the last 2 days (her cell got shut off because she didn't pay the bill (no job, no money)) saying that she hates it in missouri, and wants to come home. i'm not quite sure what to do. particularly with the last email: "you can help me come back, or i will find some one else who will." gee, i feel so threatened. you know, i've been trying to get her to act like a grown up (she'll be 20 in 18 days), and take some responsibility for her life. if she had asked nicely, i might have let her sleep on the sofa until she found a place/job/etc (liam is moving into her room this weekend, so she can't go down there). but that demanding statement just pisses me off. when did this generation get such a sense of entitlement? i've worked hard. granted, the position i'm in right now is not of my doing (thank you, grandma) but i don't take advantage of it, and i've rarely asked for help, unless it was unavoidable (thanks mommy, lol). why does she think it's her due? any teens out there who can give me insights (yeah, right, i know, i'm delusional)?

ok, enough wallowing for now.

i'm doing one set of reviews tonight, my hands hurt again, sigh.

you might be a redneck if you wear overalls to save on the cost of shirts and underwear.

Knit Bits: Knitting in a group often allows those who are usually reticent to spill their guts in a traditional therapeutic situation to share their troubles, listen to advice, and never have to look up from their needles.

what a thought!

1/4: Universal Glove Pattern. this is interesting. i think you'd use sock yarn, if only so that you wouldn't have a large amount of bulk. this has potential! (thanks annie modesitt!)
1/5:Convertible Ear Flap Ski Hat. This is cute, and also uses sock yarn. i think i'd convert it to worsted weight, though, for additonal weight and warmth.
1/6-8: Popcorn Stitch Shrug. um, ok. it's not a bad piece, but popcorn stitch is just bobbles in crochet form, and i don't like bobbles on anyone over the age of 8. hmm. how to convert this?
1/9:Boa Scarf. this is made with art yarns silk fur. i've used this term for the knit pattern a day, and i think it applies here. Non-patterns, anyone?
1/10-11: Swan Symphony Doilies. this is an awe-inspiring pattern. all those supposed "3-D" doilies pale incomparison to this. the swans necks literally rise above the doily. i do believe i may ahve to attempt this.

Have a nice day. i promise, soon, i'll post a pic of the super secret project that i used that delicious silk yarn i'd bought last summer for. (hush, deb, iknow, there's all kinds of dangly bits there, lol)


Guernseygal said...

Right there with you dear, Teens these days seem to think the world owes them a living. One of mine doesn't seem to get the idea that you actually have to work to earn your money, not just turn up to the place and doss around all day and the other one just seems to need money for everything ( still at school and doing so many subjects that there isn't time for a part time job and homework. Where did we go wrong?

mamaloo said...

I actually liked school, so I wouldn't even know where to begin with advice. And, Kieran, is still 2 so that teen experience is so far away.

Michelle said...

Ah yes, kids. My son has had a hard time adjusting from his move. I'm tough but understanding and won't give too much, no matter how much it can hurt sometimes. Some need to learn the hard way.

I made the swan symphony doily. It's a lot simpler than it looks.