Thursday, January 19, 2006

postcards from chimpanzees

no, that's not a comment about my secret pal. just a song running through my head.
here's the skacel laceweight merino i'm going to use for my peacock. you will notice this is on the plastic bag it came home in. you will also note that it's back in the bag. no cat hair contamination on this (at least not yet, lol). this is a fairly accurate color. a soft white, not ice white. it should be a good contrast to my white dress. i'm thinking i'm going to get mark to take the boys saturday afternoon, and lock myself on the front porch and hide from jimi, and wind away.

this shot was taken last sunday just before sunset. i always loved how contrails glow golden like that at sunrise & sunset. here ya go, sandy!
and here's another one:

this is taken from in front of mark's house. this is about 10 minutes later. i don't know if those are clouds, or dispersing contrails. still, very pretty.

you might be a redneck if when the teacher asks your child "what's your dad like?" he says "beer & pamela anderson."
. . . you burn out your clutch in a funeral procession.
. . . you've shown pictures of your latest deer at a funeral home (gee, is this national funeral week?)
. . . you begin most sentences with "you ain't gonna believe this."

Knit Bits:
1/16: In an English boarding school during WWII, we all knitted for the cause, but a few boys became obsessed and knitted enormous, lumpy, 12 ft scarves for themselves. Most of us were satisfied to turn out a square or two at a time and throw them in a knitting bin (for later assembly [the predecessor of Lisa, Queen of Squares!] into blankets for the troops). i don't know who supplied all the wool. - "When Knitting Was a Manly Art" by Clinton Trowbridge from the Christian Science Monitor, December 5, 1997.
1/17: Clearly, Grandma has lost her monopoly on knitting. The acrylic monstrocities [hey, i resemble that remark!] of yesterday are being replaced by chunky runway knockoffs. Both Valentino & Christian Dior have emphasized knitwear int heir collections. - Time magazine, January 13, 2000.
1/18: Why would you make something from dog hair? Because it's warm, fluffy, and somewhat water repellant - just like it was before Spot staretd shedding it! But the main reason people do it is sentimental: long after pooch may have perished, he'll still be around, literally aorund you, that is. Kind of creates a new twist ona n old cliche: hair today, gone tomorrow. - Campus Life, September 2001.
1/19: On an internet search htere were, at the time this was written, 451 hits containing the phrase "musk ox yarn." makes you think. this expensive fiber is actually the underwool from the arcti musk ox and is shed naturally each year during hte spring months. herds of these large beasts of the goat family have been semidomesticated in canada and alaska. the technical name for their wool is quiviut.

i'll get to the others tomorrow, lol.


mamaloo said...

winding up a skein of laceweight has got to be a delicate kind of hell. Suddenly a $30 ball winder becomes less knitting gadget and more substitute for Prozak.

Sandysknitting said...

Just beautiful skies! Very, very pretty! :) Thanks for sharing!
You knit gorgeous shawls! Go Girl!

vi said...

well you could always come east and visit me
chickens and cats are very relaxing
it is almost lambing/kidding season

warm barns and baby animals