Wednesday, January 25, 2006

holy cow!

ok, nonni, your "test" package got here today, and it was just fine. test, my great aunt fanny!

i love the british "knitting" magazine, and she sent me the winter issue. and the card (which is slightly out of focus, but you'll love this (though my sons didn't lol!)) says "if you're not embarassing your children, you're not doing it right." gotta love that! i've always said that's just one more service i offer as a parent. the railroad ribbon is sirdar firefly. this is a gorgeous colorway! and it goes with this:
this is actually more of a mauve than the dark purple it appears, but oh my, it's yummy, and hand dyed at that!

There's also two different types of chocolate, a green sucker (is that apple nonni? i have to be careful i'm allergic to watermelon & banana (sorry, i forgot to mention that in my questionairre (i'm not a big fan of mint either)) and a great pen from what i assume is a uk store called get knitted. gotta lvoe the pen.

and by the way. . . .

take THAT, you hate mongers! (i'm not even going to mention their hateful names). i bought a pack of 10, and i'm going to give them to anyone who wants one at knit night tomorrow night. maybe i should look up the story, and print it up as well?

and then, the major huge honking surprise of the night!

I bought some handspun for my SP7 pal, from one of the ladies who is discounting to us, and had it ship it on to my pal. so when i got a package with her name on it, i thought she'd misinterpreted the stupid paypal who insists on a ship to address, and sent it to me instead. imagine my shock & surprise when i read the card, and realized that susan had sent ME a package as well. oh my. she said the yarn was a wedding gift, and since she knew i spun, that i would enjoy the batt. and she encloses an austrian crystal stitch marker with each order, including mine! (it was hiding behind the yarn, lol) SHE LOVES ME! that batt is 50% merino 50% silk. such lusciousness! and that skein is 178 yards! wow. i'm thinking lace scarf to wear at the reception (our colors are black & silver, lol)

speaking of wedding, if i didn't know that mark loves me, after today, i do now. remember that 1375 yd skein of laceweight merino that i'm doing peacock in? guess who helped me wind it today, and even came up with a way to do it faster, and is even thinking of engineering a swift for me! mark has been laid up the last few days with a bad foot, and after being horrifically bored, when i said "well, if your'e taking off today as well, maybe i should get prevto, and you can help me wind." he said OK! HE WAS THAT BORED! after 2 1/2 hours of winding (not continuous, ladies & gents, i'm not THAT evil!), we finally got it done. and i don't think this could have been done with a ball winder. they tried @ SoP, and it broke once on them. alas. so, now i'm swatching. i'm scared. i know everybody says i can do it (even mark!), but man, that's some skinny yarn! and such a pretty shawl! everybody cross all body parts!

and erin, i didn't forget you! erin gave me some lovely thing for christmas, and i never posted them! so here is my favorite. you'll see the other tomorrow, since blogger seems to have an averison to allowing me to post more than 5 pics a day (sigh).

This is my monitor dragon. i don't ahve a name yet (would y'all like a contest to name him? i'm sure i can come up with an appropriate prize, lol, tell me what you think). he's posing on my home monitor, but mostly he rides with me in my "yoga" bag (y'all know which one that is, lol), and sits on my monitor at work, and helps keep me awake. when i'm particularly bored, he hops off the monitor and soars around my space (and entertains the masses, lol!). he's a darling. thank you erin!

i'm too tired to do the rest, so i'll catch y'all on the flip side.


mamaloo said...

Now, that's some customer service, eh? Wow! What a wonderful gift.

And, you know you can do the shawl. Don't doubt it. Whine about how long it'll take, but don't doubt. It'll be pretty exciting to get through those first few pattern repeats and see the lace coming together, dontcha think?

PS, I usually don't do this game, but my verification word is "zfrit" which sounds like an ancient Welsh name or something.

And, it changes!

fillyjonk said...

When I first saw it, I thought it was a lizard.

Actually, Monitor Lizard would be a good name...'cos there really is a real Monitor Lizard in Malaysia or somewhere...except real Monitor Lizards are mean buggers.

heh my computer here at work wants a "Monitor Lizard." (I have two glow in the dark rubber frogs on it right now but a Monitor Lizard would be so much cooler).

Lynne said...

We have monitor lizards in Oz, but not monitor dragons, though we have water dragons. Confused yet? None of them have wings or breath fire but they can give a nasty bite or scratch that will go toxic.
You have been powering ahead with the knitting and spinning projects! Golly! I can't keep up! I'm mightily impressed :-)