Friday, January 27, 2006

well, well

life is interesting, that's for sure. mark asked me to do something i was a little unsure about, but it went well, so alls well that ends well. (email me if you can't stand the obscureness, i'm not posting this public (and no, no naughty bits were involved, just potentially tender egos))

i have a migraine. again. the weather has been flipflopping again. i could swear when i walked out from work last night, that by the smell of the air (it was RAINING, people! in january!) that it was early april. hmmmm. am i EVER going to get the opportunity to wear my wool socks again (i need it to be below freezing!).

speaking of socks:
These are my loverly jaywalkers. despite some people thinking they are too big, according to this shot, they fit rather well! however, since i have fat calves and small(er) ankles, they may cease fitting so well. we'll see. i like this pattern it's so frigging easy! why didn't i start "real" socks sooner? and this color is pretty spot on. isn't it gorgeous? only trouble i've run into is that i knit eastern, and i tend to unwind the yarn as i knit, so i have to drop it every 7 or 8 stitches, and let it spin back. could be much worse.

And these are the fingerless mitts that erin made for me for christmas. the blue fingers are those "magic" gloves that you see EVERYWHERE (i got these at walgreens). erin was worried that they'd bee too big for me, and while they are bare-handed, the fit marvelously over my gloves. i tend to wear 2 pair in the winter, because i have arthritis, and cold makes me cry like a baby (unlike my feet, lol!), and since i hadn't bought my replacement second pair (i kill a pair every 2years or so) these came in quite nicely. in fact, i'll probably wear these more than if they fit perfectly! thanks again erin, they were both immensely thoughtful gifts.

I think the Red Cross here in omaha needs to find a faster way to deal with the blood donation process at work sites. i attempted to give blood on tuesday (note the word"attempted."), but they took so frigging long that i couldn't! and no, i wasn't anemic, or any of that crap. my appointment was at 3:45, and they didn't even get me on the bus until 4:20! considering i get off at 5, and that on tuesdays (which is when this happened) i have to pick mark & the boys up for family therapy in downtown omaha (i work in the southwest corner of omaha, and live in the north east, and therapy is downtown, whee, what a ride!) i CANNOT get off late. so, when they finally got my bus-board paperwork done, and the iron test completed (which i barely squeaked by (multivitamins rock!)) i went to sit on a bed, and it was 4:54. i looked at the red cross guy stitting there, and said, i can't do this! i have to leave! i think he thought i'd gotten too nervous, until i told him about the whole therapy thing (i told him i had an appointment downtown at 6 and i ahd to pick mykids up). now, why the hell couldn't they have done more paperwork in our trainign room, and less on the bus, and just used the bus for the bloodwork? it would have gone much faster. and that bus was freaking cold! they need to work on insulating those, so the blood flows faster! (which, if people suffering hypothermia don't die from the cold, they won't bleed to death either!). sigh.

mark's foot is doing amazingly well (he should be going back to work monday (thank god, he's been doing alot of whining about I'M BORED! (you'd think he was a teenager again, lol)), and there was an added side benefit. they discovered at the doctor's (he hasn't been since his knee surgery 4 1/2 years ago!) that he's developed high blood pressure. to the tune of 160/90! i about slapped him when i heard that! so, they've prescribed medication, and while he hates taking pills, he's resigned to it, because he wants to be there for the boys. both boys were highly concerned when he went to the doctor last thursday (and a bit scared too, i could tell (hence sean's highjinks, sigh)) i have discovered that, if he wants to argue about something with me, if the boys are brought into it (sometimes mark just thinks too much, lol), that mark will accede to my wishes. this doctor thing was a major case in point. he told me it looked bad when i called him on my break last thursday, and i literally YELLED at him to get his ass to the closest doctor, as soon as sean came home from school (in half an hour). he started to make lame excuses (i don't knwo where my medical card is) and i told him to cut the bullshit. i don't say that much, but it must have had an effect, because he went. i would hate to lose him to a stroke because he wasn't taking care of himself. i lost two people i love very much to strokes, and they WERE taking care of things.

and sean is going through ANOTHER med change. and of course, he's evil about it. god i hate that! i'm not sure which is worse though, the med change itself, or not knowing if things will even out when he gets used to it. gotta love psychotropic drugs. NOT!

ok, i've been thinking (hush, you do NOT smell burning rubber). as much as i love my calendars, i can't keep up with them. so i think what i'll do is one calendar per post. then you'll get multiples of each one (and if i blog daily, i'll be able to keep up better, lol!)

so, tonight is redneck

you might be a redneck if your son is named for your favorite pro wrestler (anybody who names their kid chyna, or grave digger needs a lobotomy with a rusty spoon)
. . . you thinka doubleheader is an outhouse with two seats (oooo, that takes togetherness to a new height (or is that low?))
. . . your cigarette lighter is yoru stove (the big bic! i know lots of rednecks!)
. . . you take the entire family to the K-Mart electronics section to watch a move (change that to walmart, and you've got it in one!)
. . . the only time you were ever in the dry cleaners was to get out of the rain (drycleaning sucks!)

What i'm reading:

Man of My Dreams by Sherrilyn Kenyon, et al (the important one is sherrily, she's fantastic!) i'm actually reading this book at work between calls because they've taken away my knitting! those evil bastards. i even tried the charity approach, because that is where i do alot of my charity work, but meh, no luck.
Queen of the Damned (booktape in the car) by Anne Rice
The Vampire Armand (booktape int he house) by Anne Rice
The Wolves of Calla by Stephen King.

hmm, 3 of the 4 books are horror. is that a subtle hint?

have a great day.


Amie said...

Your socks look terrific! I started them toe-up, followed her pattern for number of stitches and all, and I could have worn them OVER my shoes... I ripped, made some modifications, and started over, and I'm far more pleased... I'll put a shot up on the blog this evening, mine are in a Lion Brand Magic Stripe yarn (since I was working on them at AC Moore, I wanted to be using one of their yarns) and they're turning out quite cute!!!

Alcariel said...

All the pics are up! Sorry to hear that you won't be there Thursday. I'm bringing a coworker in to her first sit and knit since she started knitting. That's right...I've brought another one over to the dark side! *breathe*