Thursday, February 02, 2006

i'm not dead yet

yes, i've been watching monty python again, lol.

this is to let y'all know i haven't died, or fallen off a cliff, or any other craziness. what i have done is had no time for ANYTHING! i'm on my 8th training swatch, and having a hell of a time finding a pattern i'm satisfied with. i tried to teach myself to do brioche last night, but i kept screwing it up. is the yarn over BEFORE or AFTER the purl? i'll investigate further tonight. no pics as well, sorry.

however, in sporting news around the globe, i won the crochet contest at the Michaels @ 144th & maple here in omaha! i got fun fur type stuff and more crochet hooks, lol! 360 stitches in 10 minutes (single crochet for those in the know).

i'll try to post tonight, but we're taking mark's mom out for her birthday, and who knows how long that will run, lol!

have a good day!


Alcariel said...

We'll miss you!

mamaloo said...

Congrats speedy hooker!

Tammy said...

Good Job on the win!