Wednesday, February 15, 2006

yeah i know

this has two shades of red. how was i to know that half a skein of supersaver redheart wouldn't make a 12" square? and deb, this is the last of the redheart that you sent me. still for charity! i'm a bit scared that i wont' make it. according to stephanie's ticker on her blog, we are over 1/3 of the way through the games. and this is square #4. i know we can all do the math. sigh. here's hoping for weekends and next wednesday off to remedy that situation.

oh & by the way, C is for candy. i know, i'm really late with my c post, but hey!

this is (almost) all the candy mark got for valentine's day. this is an accumulation between me & the boys. the m&m's i bought because he wanted to put some in the ginormous (yes, that is a word; me, the published author, says so, so :P) batch of chex mix, and walgreens had valentine's stuff on sale monday night. the miniatures are official candy from me for valentine's. the spongebob is from liam. what's missing is the russel stover heart with the guitar playing snoopy keychain. that was from sean.

and what did i get for valentine's day? a lotta love. oh trust me, there were a few material things, but having both my boys home (no matter how much i bitch) and my fiance firmly in my corner means a ton.

ok, now for the bitching portion of the post, lol.

please, please, please explain to me why a child will stick his finger down his throat so he can say he threw up and not go to school? and no, it wasn't liam. sean puked (no fever, and no protestations when i accused him of it, because of a previous conversation), and claims he can't go to school.

(ok, it's official, i'm pissed. i typed a whole bunch of stuff, and blogger ate half my post. you'll get the rest later, i'm whipped)

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Liz said...

Squares are good. Squares are good. More squares.


thank you for the junk food reminder - I need to stock up on Chex mix...