Wednesday, February 22, 2006

so much for that thought

i've seen several posts asking if theyy're giving medals in tin, or aluminum. do they have stone? i don't think i even qualify for any usable metal. sigh. not only did it take me forever to finish the yellow square you saw on sunday, we ended up not having fried foods, because shortly after i got there, my stomach got very upset, and i basically developed a lovely case of the crap flu that has been going around the world, i swear. i ended up sleeping until mark woke me up at 730 and told me he'd fed the boys pizza, and that i needed to take them home. i came home, crashed on the sofa at 8, and slept intermittently until 1, when i got up and actually went to bed. it amazes me how the travel channel can replay the same show so many times ( or maybe it was an all alaska night?) anyway, so i'm so dreadfully behind, that i don't think i would even qualify for the silver (one day late) or bronze (2 days late) that have been bandied about at stephanie's, in the comments today.

so, do you want to see progress? ok, here goes.

this is the square i finished last night. it was started sunday, just before i was felled by that foul bug. this is redheart giant, i think toddler print? too lazy to go check my swatching notes, lol. now, the part that isn't apparent, is that it's done in a chevron pattern. you can't see it here, but it does show when you look at it. yes, it took me a while to complete. i'm not thrilled. however, there is this:
This was started last night (i stayed up late cuz i knew i was taking today off!) and finished it around 5. so i'm well on my way on # 9. still, there's 3 1/2 days left. to quote brenda dayne's opener: KNIT, KNIT LIKE THE WIND. sigh. dont' think it's gonna happen. sigh.
And now, my lovely readers, have a favor to ask. this is the sock yarn for my scopal000za pal. take it for granted that it's much bluer than this.not so neon. i've been casting around for a decent pattern to use, and i think i've narrowed the choices down to 3. the jaywalker that everyone knows and loves (do i really need to link it?). Pomatomus, from knitty. Wyvern by Marnie. sooooo, tell me what ya think.

Crochet Calendar:

2/9: Valentine's Day Tissue Cover. ok, corny! and the little blurb with it? "perfect for the holiday most likey to bring you to tears!". ok, whatever. not even gonna waste my time on this one.
2/10: Crocheted Heart. This isn't worked in the round, but like a v. cute.
2/11-12: Beaded Heart Bracelet. this is cute! and a "new stitch, called front bead crochet. may have to check this out further (when i'm awake, maybe?)
2/13: Desert Flower Crochet Thong Panty. not going there at all, ok?
2/14: Heart EArrings. um, same heart as 2/10, except with a little loop for earring wires.
2/15-16: Daisy & Rose Lace Collar. very very pretty, and qutie a challenge. just one problem. what would i do with it?
2/17: Pink Lace Afghan. sort of mile-a-minute, but with flowers joined together, and then crocheted around the strips of flowers. very pretty, but can't be terribly warm.
2/18-19: High Stylin' Pillow. ok, don't get me wrong, i have nothing against pillows. i use one or two a day, in fact. but waht in the FUCK is the deal with knit & crocheted pillows lately? every issue of any mag i've run across has one! for god's sake, knock it off!
2/20: Lacewing Network Scarf. this is made with Solomon's knots. i don't know waht those are, but the scarf is pretty!
2/21: Red Riding Hood. this is cute, but for goodness sakes, don't put it on a child over 4. please? for me?
2/22: Ear Cozy Headband. this is made with lion brand chenille, and worked in the back loops only, until you trim it. i 'spose it makes it fluffier? meh, does nothing for me.

What i'm reading
Nightmares & Dreamscapes, Vol III by Stephen King (booktape in the car, and it's freaking liam out, he's obviously not ready for ole SK yet)
The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King (booktape in house, yes, i finally finished off Armand)
Why Girls are Weird. definitley a riot, keep an eye out for the contest.
The Vampire Vittorio by Anne Rice. this vampire is not related to any of the others.
The Queen Sorceress by David Eddings. Still plugging away, lol. i own this, so it gets put aside for the ones that are overdue at the library, lol.

Y'all come back now, ya hear?


Cathy said...

That yarn is delish. It should look good knitted into the Pomatomus socks.


Alcariel said...

I agree on Pomatomus.

And what to do with the crocheted lace collar? Make it and give it to me for my Civil War dress. Then I'll have motivation to finish sewing the dumb thing. It's either that or I'm gonna have to learn to tat...and that may not be pretty.

Lynne said...

If the yarn is randomly striped, it should be good for pmoatomus or Marnie's wyvern socks (which are on my list to do).
If the yarn is going to stripe up a lot, I'd do the jaywalkers with it.
Dunno if that is helpful or not.
Hope you are getting over that flu! Sounds totally horrid. And it must be bad if you have not been able to knit!

fillyjonk said...

Well, even though I didn't participate in the Olympics, I am almost finished with the Bergamo Cache-Coeur (it wouldn't count anyway because I began it earlier). BUT there is a lot of really hairy crossed-elongated-stitching (It's called Indian (something) Stitch) in the edging.

So, when I get done with it I'm going to award myself a virtual Merit Badge for getting through it.

I think you're totally worthy of a Merit Badge for undertaking a charity project for the Olympics. So even if there's no gold, silver, bronze, tin, molybdenum, or whatever medal, I still think you deserve a Merit Badge.

Saun said...

Sickness is a valid reason not to finish. You should still get a medal for at least trying.

Ina said...

Hope you're feeling better! I vote for Pomatomus.