Thursday, February 02, 2006

now that i've depressed everyone

Sean has just gone to sleep. sigh. hence the poem.

I've just started the heel flap for the jaywalker socks, so no more fitting shots till i finish turning the heel. the flap seems terribly wide to me, but we'll see. it's been a good fit so far.

no progress on the shawl, sigh. i had planned on trying to take yesterday off, but they cancelled all preVTO, so i ended up leaving at 2, because mark's foot burst tuesday night, and the doctor asked him to come in at 140, hence, the necessity of me getting off early, so i could pick up liam from school.

mark's foot is ok, but his blood pressure is not. it was 182/114 yesterday. i'm really getting worried. he goes back next tuesday to see if the new dose of his BP meds is working well. i don't think so.

we took Mom to Pizza King tonight for supper (cloth napkins, ooo, what chic!), and while dinner was tasty, sean was a major pain. upset mark to the point that he put on his coat, and walked out for 10 minutes. EVERYBODY was upset with him at that point. sigh.

stephanie & i seem to be on the mend, at least temporarily, lol. she called tuesday night because she wanted to know if i was going to claim her on my taxes. by all rights, i could, since i provided more than 50% of her support, but she had to go to the doctor twice (she has strep throat, a sinus infection, and trench mouth (ew, double gross!)), since she had an allergic reaction to the medication they gave her the first time. what this boils down to, is since she's no longer in school, she's no longer covered by my insurance (and hasn't been since summer's end last year). and her steadfast refusal to go to the doctor when it was very evident that she needed to (fevers like she was having need to be attended to) has put her in the position of having doctor's bills that need paying. so i let her claim herself. i told her to tell whomever helped her with her taxes (read that as DID her taxes for her) to look at the Earned Income Credit, as i know she falls under the income guideline, and could get more money. every little bit helps, and while i may not be letting her live here, i'll help when i can (when it doesn't involve me giving her or anyone else money for her). i'm just glad she was willing to talk to me.

and on that exhausting note, i'm going to bed. i'll be gone for the next 2 days, as mark & i have to fetch the bed we took to missouri for steph in the first place. sigh.

Have a good weekend!

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Alcariel said...

Sorry that you weren't at SoP tonight! You were was a quiet group without you. But I wanted to give you a head's up. There's going to be a stash swap in 2 weeks....Feb 16th. Just so ya know!