Sunday, February 19, 2006

another one bites the dust

i finished this square thursday morning. i just forgot to post it, lol. this makes 5. this was done with the olive woolease (which looks a little more olive in this picture). the other is the same charcoal grey woolease i used for mark's sweater from last year (which is still not done, maybe i should have joined natalie's ufolympics) (don't worry, i have TONS).

I finished this square this afternoon. as you can tell, i'm behind. sigh. my arm was sore friday night, and saturday, i went to the dentist. i did knit in the office (and the chair, during the dead bits, like waiting for the novocaine to take hold), but they gave me tylenol 3, and said to take it before the novocaine wore off. as a result, i spent most of the afternoon sleeping. needless to say, i didn't take any more, and still slept like a rock last night. right now the only problem is a slight tenderness to the filling, and a very sore jaw (this tooth was WAY in the back, sigh). And yes, virginia, there is snow in omaha. not much, mind you, but snow none the less. which means i had to wear sneakers, sigh. blech. this miniature snowman was built by sean thursday afternoon. it's been so cold (it was a high of 1 on friday, ugh!) that i do believe this little bugger is ice now. isn't he cute?

i'll be back later, we're going over to watch Nascar with mark, and eat fattening fried foods (love having a commercial fryer!)



Michelle said...

I think I should have joined the UFO Olympics, myself.

Yes, I'm still on page 700...I think. I haven't been reading much lately. I've been staying up late knitting instead.

Lynne said...

Snow! Snowman! Coooool!
Good luck with your project - I finally finished a sock! Hooray!