Wednesday, February 08, 2006

i get so lonely baby, i get so lonely

grab the tissues. i'm feeling blue tonight.

i have a Migraine. yes, that is a capital M. and i can't sleep. ugh. i hate being alone when i'm sick (and as far as i'm concerned, this qualifies. when your body has decided that light, sound, and food are the enemy, and that 95 degrees is chilly (ok, i'm exaggerating, but ihave the thermostat set at 75 (gasp, such profligate waste!), and i'm still freezing))) (oh my, triple parentheses, i need help), and that's what i am. the boys and i don't spend the night at mark's during the week, because it's so hard to get them going here, i can't imagine trying to do it there with all the supplies here. so, i sit here, miserable, and blue, and ill.

i even took a sick day, because i felt so crappy this morning. and i did nothing but knit. i made the cloud hat over at Ryan's for the Dulaan project, except i had to do some adjustments because the original pattern calls for one strand of worsted, and one strand of laceweight mohair, and i used two worsted weight strands of mohair blend, patons divine and lion brand jiffy to be exact. the jiffy is iffy (this is worse than drunk blogging!), but the divine is exactly that. so incredibly soft, and not too clingy, like some mohair, but just buttery soft and smooth. i'll buyt his stuff again, at $4.99 for 142 yards (100 grams). i like. but i started the hat last night because i was sick of squaring, and felt that working on my jaywalkers was a bit selfish, since i had predominantly devoted february to charity knitting, so i hatted. and it's comfy too! i'm tempted to keep itmyself, except it's tan. hmm. oh well.

speaking of charity, and olympics (what a segue!), i'm on swatch #11. this is in that olive green woolease chunky i was talking about. there's interesting bits of red and blue and yellow tossed in for flavor, and i like. i'm doing these in 6" swatches, so i can sew them together, and send one extra 12" square to lisa, the queen of squares, for a4a. blah. i hate tiny squares. the 12" ones are gonna be like washcloths.

i would like a little advice, ehre on the eve of the olympics (winter & knitting). should i do the complicated patterns first, and save the easy, like the garter and seed for the downhill slope (every pun intended, peoples), or do the easy ones first, so i have a good speedy start? what would you do? (as opposed to WWJD. i'm sure jesus appreciates my charitable efforts, but as to the order of my knitting? i'm sure he's got bigger fish to fry)

and it's calendar time. how about crochet?
2/6: Egg Coaster. this is to go with the toast coaster from last weekend. this would make a darling kitchen set, wouldn't it? a nice house warming gift, and a quick one at that (know anybody who's just bought ahouse?)
(and i just noticed that monday was Waitangi Day in New Zealand. anybody knwo what that is?)
2/7: Heart Crocheted Rug. this is made with fabric strips. i've done this before, and while it's nice, it's murder on the hands. maybe make a small one for the bathroom, and put those non-skid thingies on it? and we seem to have slid into the valentine week.
2/8: Lacy Bullion Heart. This is a "granny" square (if you work it in the round, as far as i'm concerned it's a granny). very cute, might be one for ac4c (hear that, lisa?)

What i'm reading
Man of My Dreams by Sherrilyn Kenyon et al. i know i've been reading this a long time, but it's work reading, and i get to read about 3 sentences between calls. and i've enjoyed the other authors enough that i think i'm gonna look 'em up on the library website and see if they have any other works out.
Queen of Sorcery by David Eddings. this is going very slowly, since i've got a book that i KNOW is on the reserved list and i HAVE to finish it in the 3 weeks time. this is
The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffennegger. thanks to the ladies who recommended this to me. it took me a little bit of time to get used to the way this is written, but now that i get it, i love it!
The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. yeah, i know, i'm on a vampire kick. just wait, i'm into stephen king, next! (booktape in the car)
The Vampire Armand by Anne rice (booktape in the house) the house booktapes tend to go slower, because i usually just listen to these at night after the boys have gone to bed, because sometimes they cover ticklish bits. i did listen today whilst the kidlets were in school (blessed relief!) and got through 3 tapes! woot!

ok, now i lay my weary head to rest, i'll catch y'all later (and yes, alcariel, i'll be there tomorrow night, with my friend chris again (email me and i'll explain))


Michelle said...

Glad you started the Time Traveler's Wife. It is strange starting off, but it does suddenly vanish and something magical happens with the authors writing. She finds her style. Make sure you have a box of tissues handy when you get to the end.

Michelle said...

P.S. As to your question about knitting the squares. I'd alternate. You'd be bored out of your tree if you saved the easy ones for last and visa versa. If you alternate, you keep it interesting.

Alcariel said...

Do I even have your email? Hmmm....don't think I do, but then it is after 2 AM. Going to bed now since I've got to be at the hospital for a meeting at 1:30 tomorrow/today/Thursday. So I'll be up at noon, then to the meeting, then home, then to SoP, then to work for the night. I think I'll come home Friday morning and collapse.