Tuesday, February 14, 2006

by george, i just might make it!

square #2 is done! this is ALL crossed stitches, so i had to cast on 72 to get 12". and hard on the hands, too! having this one done this early makes me happy, because none of the others is this tough. right now i'm working on a basketweave pattern in olive green woolease chunky. only 40 stitches cast on for 12", lol.

I got some delicious yarn yesterday, but i can't post it, cuz it's for my secret pal. i'll tell ya what, though, this lady does LOVELY WORK. hand dyed, and mmmmmmm boy, scrumptious.

i also got an order from amazon yesterday, but i can't show that either, cuz it's for my secret pal, lol. she's gonna LOVE me. i need to get this assembled so i can ship it to her. her birthday is early next month, so i want it to get to her before then.


2/6: Natural Pillow. this is mixed fibers. each fiber gets a different knit pattern. kinda cool, but i'd like to know the fascination with knit pillows lately. heck, i was watching Trading Spaces saturday night, and one lady knit a pillow for the room they were working on.

2/7-8: Kokonut Baby Cardigan & Hat. The big focus on this is, of course, the yarn. however, it's not just a simple sweater, it is done in 2x2 ribbing, which can make things interesting. however, they did the sample in white. how boring.

2/9: Felted Beret. this is cute, but why do they do dark colors on a dark background? no artistic talent with some of these pics, i swear. and it's not even on a live model!

2/10: Himalaya Ribbed Wrist Warmer. This is cute, but once again, the focus is on the yarn. it's the recycled silk, which i hear is harder to work with. and the thumb is just a hole. hmmm.

2/11-13: I'm Twining For You Socks. This is using a Swedish technique called Tvaandstickning, where you use both ends of the yarn. looks fascinating, might be a possibility for Sockpal000za.

2/14: Folk Art Knitted Heart. imagine that, hearts on Valentine's Day. cute & kitschy. oh by the way, happy valentine's day, and for those without a valentine, will you be mine? just know we all love you!

Have a lovely day! (and yes, i know i owe y'all a c post, i'm working on it!)

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