Monday, February 27, 2006

i didn't make it, but look at this!

the only "olympic" square is the orange one in the upper tight, but hey, i accomplished something else just as admirable! the other 5 squares were all done within a 36 hour period. as soon as i realized i had no real chance to finish, i decided that my personal goal wasn't as important as supporting my square team over at AC4C, and picked up my hook and whipped out these babies just before the deadline. and it will help make blankets for a bunch more kids this way. i'm a mother, i'm supposed to be self-sacrificing, lol.

meanwhile amie enticed me into ordering this stuff from amy, whom i believe was my sock yarn exchange pal (lemme know if i'm wrong!). amie had gotten some fiber from a friend, and had ordered some as well, so i had to go check amy's site (are we confused with all the amies yet?). and this stuff just called my name. and she had a full pound! who can resist a full POUND of handpainted wool that MATCHES? see, i told ya. i don't know what i'm doing with this yet, but it will be mine. unnerstand?
After my fingers yelled uncle from all the squares, i couldn't just SIT here, now could i? this is a chemo cap (probably for a toddler) for ACH (Arkansas Children's Hospital) which is AC4C's project for this month. i used the prize yarn i won for the crochet contest, and some amazingly soft old dupont acrylic yarn that i had used for one of the squares. i'm still trying to figure out why it was so soft. the inside of the hat is very fuzzy, and will be nicely soft for some poor little head.

Remember this? well, it's no more. i wasn't terribly happy with the 2x2 ribbing. it kept stretching out, while the rest of the sock was comfy. so i frogged it. that, and i need the size 1 needles for the sockpal000za socks. i MIGHT have another set around here, but that would ask me to look, and i'm not in the mood, lol. jaywalker will happen, just not right now. maybe it'll be summer knitting, lol.

ok, now for some amazingly stupid stuff. yes, liam is involved, lol. what in the world possesses a child to eat 3/4 of a pound of dried apricots? i know he was hungry, and he loves dried apricots, but good grief! i definitely need to work on moderation with this child. he had a belly ache the rest of the day, and took 2 hours to type a short keyboarding drill, because he kept having to run to the bathroom. well, he did learn! he says he'll never do that again (although he will still probably eat dried apricots, just not in that kind of volume!) when he finally abandoned the computer chair after finishing his assignment, i sat down, and had to get back up. not only did i need air freshener (i think they should call it refreshener, the air was just fine here until mr apricot decided to sit down), but i had to let the seat cool down! it was literally above body temperature! wow, that boy is his grandfather's grandson!

poor mark ended up with the crappy flu that everyone seem sto be getting, and he got ALL aspects of it. i never puked, but god my belly hurt. sean puked on two different days. mark, on the other hand, threw up all friday night, and did the bathroom 2-step as well, was fine saturday & sunday, then puked at work this morning. apparently that's the only time he did, but he was a bit wobbly all day. he's sleeping it off right now.

and yes, i'm about to be a commercial, but i don't care. there is a new pizza place here in florence, called Firehouse Wings & Pizza. Those are not the only things they serve. however, the wings (which come in 1st, 2nd, & 3rd alarm, as well as general alarm (those are by special request only)) are quite tasty. and this is from a woman, who in general does not like hotwings. it's not the heat that bothers me, it's the frigging vinegar. i find no redeeming value in hot vinegar (this comes from working in a sportsbar and having to heat the damned shit on a daily basis). these have real flavor! we have'nt ventured beyond 2nd alarm, because those make Liam, my chilehead extraordinaire, take pause. i'm a little frightened of how hot the general alarms would be. And the pizza. oh my. the pizza. another fallout of working in the sportsbar was making pizzas in a wood-fired oven, and being generally unsatisified with the bigbox pizza places that are nearby. this pizza is fantastic. they don't over sauce, they use tons of cheese, and they have a nice variety of toppings, without being confusing. They also have a nice choice of specialty pizzas as well. we got shrimp & pineapple, and toasted raviolis, and right now between the 3 of us, there's 2 pieces of pizza and 1 toasted ravioli left. and i had 3 pieces of pizza. they don't do delivery (yet) but with them being only 4 blocks from my house, i can live with hopping in the car and fetching, particularly when i call i only have to wait 15 minutes. amazing stuff, i'll tell ya. Back story on this place: the owner really did work for the omaha fire department for a number of years, and when he retired, decided to give back to his local area. being my area, florence. man, this stuff is fantastic, and i hope he's here for a lot of years!

ok, now you can breathe, the commercial is over, lol

You might be a redneck if you've ever left a pair of underwear in the woods.
. . . in preparation for a romantic evening, ou stop buy the grocery store to buy a bottle of Mr. Bubble (um, ok, i don't like this thought (and yes, this was valentine's day)).
. . . There is a roll of toilet paper in your glove compartment.
. . . you make windchimes out of frozen orange juice lids (hey, it's recycling, that's being a hippy, not a redneck!)
. . . you've totaled every car you've owned.
. . . you'll answer to more than one nickname.
. . . you have orange road cones in your livingroom (ok steph, fess up!)
. . . your toenail clippers say craftsman on the side (wow!)
. . . you videotape fishing shows (my first ex would make me watch babe winkleman. i don't understand a man who WANTS to be called babe!)
. . . you've never stayed in a hotel without stealing something.
. . . you've ever videotaped a dog loving on someone's leg (and they pay money for this on AFV!)
. . . your favorite kind of wine is strawberry (deana carter might object to that!)
. . . your fence doubles as your clothesline (or deck? titter? chuckle? (i'm leaving now))

What i'm reading now:
The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King (booktape in the house)
The Sweet Potato Queens Book of Love by Jill Conner Browne (booktape in the car) i may actually have to move this into the house, because it's been hitting on some subjects i would really rather the boys not know about, lol, but oh my god, it's fucking fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuny! i've got the next two books as well, so i'll be continuing the fun.
The Queen of Sorcery by David Eddings. Amazingly enough, even though i'm taking my sweet time with this, i'm able to place myself right back in when i do pick the book up.
Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. This is good, but if this is a prediction of the future, it's frightening. Year of our Ford? indeed.
The Vampire Vittorio by Anne Rice. I've been reading this at work, but they're cracking down again, so this may just come back in and be read.

I'll catch y'all on the flip side!

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