Sunday, January 15, 2006


i'm in the ABC-along, and i spaced the first post! dang it!

A is for Angel.
ok, blogger is being an ass. i was going to post a picture of mark. he is my angel. my savior. if it weren't for him, i would probably be living on the street, and have lost my boys for good. i love you, mark, and thank you so much for being my pillar and my strength, when i'd given up all hope.

B is for Boys.
my little munchkins, who aren't so little any more. liam is at least 2 inches taller than me, and sean is almost as tall as i am now. i see flashes of the men they will be. liam looks like my dad. sean looks like me. my beautiful boys.

and yes, i don't have the button on the side, because i don't know how to add buttons, and frankly, i don't really have time to figure it out right now. maybe in another lifetime, lol.

have a good day!

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