Tuesday, January 24, 2006

just thought you'd wanna know

sherril, my SIL, got the package today, and she called tonight. she LOVES the FBS! she said it's gorgeous! she loves the colors! she said she almost cried when she opened it. and when i talked to my brother, i asked him, did i do right. i can trust him to tell it to me straight. he said yeah, you did. i'm so happy. i was a little worried, but now, it's all ok. peacock will go great. speaking of which


now i gotta find me some quiet wind time. mark is talking about taking the boys to the auto show this weekend, so i think i'll hide out on the front porch and wind then. i'll just have the book tape going.

i also got a lovely set of stitch markers from lori. she had made them last summer, and had thought of me then. she's as bad about mailing things as i am! i also got a lovely watercolor painting card done by her, as well. oh, the gifties!

and i'm a bad girl. i checked out interweave press's hurt book sale (you'll ahve to google, i'm about to die), and bought 3 books. you'll have to wait for them to arrive before i show off, lol.

i'll post pics tomorrow (if i live that long, i'm seriously tired)

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vi said...

you bought books huh?
I'm crushed
i didn't snag any
just for that you've been tagged
so there