Sunday, January 15, 2006

i still don't understand

before we get to my tale of woe, we'll start with this:

These are 4 more hats for A4A. i've got 9 all together, and am working on #10. i'm going to wash these tonight, and mail them tuesday. they should be there by friday, since i'm using priority. the two hats on the right are combinations of bought yarn and my handspun. 3 of the hats i'm sending have my handspun in them.

and since sandy is such a fan of sky shots, i thought i'd take a picture out my front door. isn't that a beautiful blue sky?

i've got a picture of the super secret project, but i haven't mailed it yet (the bastards closed the airport post office the day before i ran out there, and all the regular post offices were already closed by the time i found it!), so you'll just have to wait.

now for my tale of woe. my daughter is a bitch. sigh. i got a call from the lady she was living with, asking what i wanted to do with her bed. apparently, since she didn't get a response from me about moving, she decided to cut & run, and left half her stuff there. she left friday. since mark had told holly that it was an antique, and that his parents wanted it back, she called to let us know what was going on, and that she would hold onto the bed until we can get it. according to her , steph's exact words were "i don't give a shit, mom won't let me move back in." as she was going out the door. didn't even say goodbye to the friend.

she's moved in with a friend's in a town just north of here, and i'm sure they don't have a clue about the real deal, just that "my mom threw me out." i'm thinking about calling them, and letting them know what really happened. i love her, but i wish she'd get her head out of her ass.

you might be a redneck if you've ever tried to go down your porch steps ona pogo stick.
. . . you know how to identify genuine cubic zirconia.
. . . your class reunion is a keg party in the woods (isn't that a normal class reunion in the midwest?)

Knit Bits.
1/12: Llama, alpaca, guanaco & vicuna are called camelids because of their biological similarities to the camel. They have some of the finest & softest wool known to man.
1/13: To keep my hands busy and to relieve the constant eruptions of rage that plagued me, i started knitting as compulsively as i had smoked. Whenever i was awake i knitted. Sweater after sweater after sweater, i knitted. They were all wool, all beautiful, but because i live in Southern California, they were too warm for me to wear. I sent them tomy four children, my five granddaughters, and friends. Who doesn't love a handmade sweater? - Hannah Exley quoted in KnitLit, edited by LInda Roghaar and Molly Wolf
1/14-15: Apple is now selling knitted "socks" for their iPod MP3 players. The set of six colored socks, is according to Apple's website, "a stylish, fun, and practical way to protect your iPod." But why not save some bucks by knitting yoru own personalized cozy? You'll find lots of patterns on the internet.

1/12: Mini Purse. this is's set up so you can do a snap or button, and you make the strap as well.
1/13: Granny Square Afghan. um, anybody out there who crochets who doesn't know how to make a granny square? this is one gigantic granny square. can you say non-pattern? i knew you could.
1/14-15: Neck Warmer. this is cute, but i've never seen the logic in it. why woulnd't a scarf work as well, and be easier to put on and take off?

ok, now for hte calendar i've been neglecting: Knitting.

1/4: Stanted Eyelet Scarf. this is cute. looks kinda like clapotis, but it's yarnovers as opposed to dropped stitches.
1/5: Diamond Loop Bracelet. this looks cute. i wouldn't use the colors they did, but it's cute. hmmm, i've got 0000 needles.
1/6: Woven Adult Pullover. hmmm. i'm thinking dulaan? it has two sizes, which is enough for me to reduce down to a smaller size.
1/7-8: Waterproof Mittens. these are made from Dale Hauk, which is a teflon-coated yarn. i wonder what it would be like to work up? anybody used it before?
1/9: Georgia's Bandana. the funny part, is this is for a dog, and this was my brother's birthday. he ahs a dog that could (and does) wear something like this. hmmmm.
1/10: Toesties Garter/Rib Slippers. these are cute. they're done with 2 strands, or bulky weight yarn, or to make smaller sizes, use a single strand. interesting.
1/11: Julia's Stole. this is cute. the kicker with this is 3 different textured yarns, and a colorwork pattern. i don't think i'll be making this (i don't like colorwork, lol)
1/12: Nona's Baby Jacket with Hood. this is darling, but it's made with soysilk! um, i tend to do superwash or acrylic for babies, since there's a good chance it will get puked, pooped, spat or drooled on.
1/13: Felted Coasters, Hot Pads, Beverage Jackets. um aren't "beverage jackets" cozies? eh, whatever. these are simple things, almost non-patterns, except for the whole felting thing.
1/14-16: Opal Child's Poncho. this is cute. i don't think i'd use opal for it, though, lol.

whew! now i'm caught up! have a nice day.
(take care, erin)


Michelle said...

I know exactly what you're feeling with what you're going through with your daughter. My son decided to be on his own since he was 19. He works and makes a good wage, but sometimes his mentality is still very immature and he's almost 24. I'd let the people she's staying with know what is really going on. How on earth am I going to go through this again with my daughter in 15 years? I'll be in a nursing home! LOL

Sandysknitting said...

Gorgeous Blue!