Tuesday, January 10, 2006

i made a promise . . .

and i'm trying to keep it. ok, itgirl, here are those hats i was talking about. the two green & the grey were done on knitting looms, with double-thick hems. doesn't look too bad, eh? and it will give rocko, rocky, um, whatever, plenty of warmth over his ears. he does need his ears covered, doesn't he?
and yet another promise, kept. i told ashley, steph's friend, that i would post this pic, and here it is! there was lots of hilarity going on that night (way too late, i might add)
steph decided she wanted blond streaks, so we took the leftovers and put them in her hair, and used the foil to keep it off the other hair. this was the result. doens't look blond, does it. looks kinda orange, eh? suffice it to say, steph was not happy with it, and redyed her hair dark red the next night. i did not stay up for that one.

ok, blogger is being stubborn, not letting me post a pic of the sockyarn that boogie sent me in the sock yarn round robin that lanea arranged on kr. the funny part, is the lady i got doesn't like striping yarns, or bold colors, which is all i had, so i had to buy some cream colored sock yarn at SoP. wouldn't you know, it was absolutely perfect (she's got a cabled pair of socks she wants to recreate, as the ones she has now are a smidge too small), and she had had the same problem, lol! her partner only wanted wildy striping colors! roflmao!

and to address the age comments made on my questionnaire post, erin, just wait, it's much worse at 40 than 30. and alcariel? i'm old enough to be your mother, mind your elders.

you might be a redneck if you're more concerned about yoru sick bird dog than your sick wife.
. . . your husband spray paints the upholstery of your car to make it look new.
. . . you get drunk with your pet goat (it'd better be an angora goat, dammit!)
. . .you have a jack daniel's poster in your living room (um wouldn't this qualify ANYWHERE in the house?)
. . . you've never seen the bottom ofyour kitchen sink (my kids haven't, anyway)
. . . you wear a beer-dispensing hat to your kid's Little League game.

Knit Bits:
1/4: Many patterns known today were first formed by hands that have become dust hundreds or even thousands of years ago. Thus knitting is a true folk art, developed over centuries by millions of ordinary people who delight in creating beauty with their hands. - from A Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara Walker.
1/5: People are finding both a sense of personal satisfaction and community in knitting as avid groups form for hte express purpose of being together to knit. It is a time like no other; where it is "hip to knit." - From Hip to Knit by Judith Swartz (so that's who we get to blame for that phrase.)
1/6: In works of labor or of skill
I would be buddy too;
For Satan finds some mischief still
For idle hands to do
Isaac Watts, "Against Idleness," 1732
1/7-8: With the publication and success of Folk Socks, Nancy Bush will be forever associated with foot coverings. Fortunately, she ahs not lost her passion for hte subject. The appeal of socks is that they are small, portable projects that poeple can make without committing their life to them. They can be wonderfully intricate or plain. They are great for trying out new techniques and they are functional. - From Knitting in America by Melanie D. Falick
1/9: Since it's debut in 1959, the Barbie doll has enjoyed immense popularity and has become a much sought-after collectible. Well-known knitwear designers have compiled patterns to encourage young people and their parents to knit the doll a wardrobe of small garments and accessories.
1/10:For shear velocity and zeal none could match Mrs. Olivia Kindelberger's record of 10 sweaters knitted in less than 7 days. This in addition to the 50 sweaters and other "comforts" she ahd already completed. The New York Times gave her the title of "champion Red Cross Knitter of New York." - From No Idle Hands by Anne L. Macdonald.

ok, gang, i'm sorry, but no pattern reviews tonight. my hands are getting tender, and i've got miles to knit before i sleep. have a good day.

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Alcariel said...

I just noticed that all three of us are having milestone birthdays this year! Pretty cool!

And I ordered my pink priestess of the yarniverse shirt. I'm hoping it comes today so I can wear it to SoP tomorrow.