Tuesday, July 17, 2007

summer rite

this is something we do EVERY year, even if i have to buy fresh tomatoes at the farmer's market (last year comes to mind, we didn't have a garden).

BLT's. my family are bacon freaks. we buy bacon by the 10# box, so it's cheaper (i paid 9.90 for the last box), and eat it like mad. and it's not just mark, the boys, and I. steph adores bacon, and so does my baby brother. in fact, one year, i home-cured & smoked sidepork, and made bacon for bob for christmas. he adored it!

anyway, i don't have any tomatoes beyond the grape ones i keep getting. the rest just keep getting bigger & bigger. even the plum tomatoes! (the ones in the stores are going to look like babies!) mark's folks' garden patch gets more sun than ours does, so they actually had a few ripe ones. they had BLT's for lunch saturday, so they gave us the rest of t heir tomatoes.

guess what we had for lunch. i ALWAYS use french bread, mayonnaise (blech! miracle whip stinks!), and any leafy green. i've even used spinach, but green leaf or romaine is the best. we used romaine this time.

the toll? we had 14 sandwiches (the french bread loaf was small in diameter). we ate the whole loaf of bread, a pound of bacon, and 1 big-boy tomato, 2 smaller round tomatoes, and 2 pear tomatoes! that was for 3 of us! i can't wait for our tomatoes to get ripe! the boys & i may have BLT's for the rest of the summer! (mark dislikes raw tomatoes to the point he won't eat BLT's. i'll eat them in certain things, like BLT's)


Maryellen said...

We like blt's here. Well I do't like the tomaote part. jeff lives for home grown toamatoes of which we have none. A few green ones but the garden is lagging . what's with that. I did make salsa today I love home made slasa with tomatoes. Store ones for now. Enjoy the bacon and your fish!

Ina said...

I didn't know one could make bacon at home. Must try it!