Thursday, October 25, 2007


what is it with people?

i'm not going into all of it, but one incident yesterday in the knitting world really pisses me off. i'm taking steps. we'll see what happens.

the other thing this morning? i live on a relatively busy street, and, as such, has clearly marked no passing zone lines. my son rides the bus, which does not pull into my driveway, but does stop directly in front of my house. this bus is owned by the school district. the majority of the busses that transport school kids, however, is contracted out to another firm. as i was watching my son run out to the bus (which has been showing up earlier and earlier, after being later for 3 days last week, which is frustrating because now i NEVER know when she's gonna show up!), i saw one of the contracted bus pass the bus waiting for my son. at speed. the speed limit is 30 mph. which means that driver never had any intentions of stopping for sean's bus. ASSHATS! i called the transportation department, and they gave me the phone # for the contractor. i have that other bus's #. literally.


a few weeks ago i said something about some medical stuff that was vaguely unsettling, but i wasn't ready to talk. here's the skinny. my period has been hit or miss since the wedding last year. last "real" period i'd had this year had been july. august was spotting, and september was non-existent. and when the doctor was poking around in the usual fashion on my s tomach, it hurt. so he decided i needed to go for a pelvic ultrasound, to rule out fibroids. lemme tell ya, i've never had an ultrasound before (the kids were all born before that was a normality for treating pregnancy). my bladder still cringes at the thought!

long and short? benign cysts on the ovaries (which is why it hurt when he poked my tummy), and nothing else. they wanted me to watch for the next two months, off the pill (i've been off for 4 weeks now), and monitor my periods. 3 days after they told me that? guess who showed up. in spades. i haven't been that miserable in a long time. damn. there goes my idea of early menopause.

and the really frustrating part? i'm allergic to latex. take that as you wish. i gotta talk to the doctor about other alternatives (other than surgical, if anybody goes under the knife, it's gonna be him!). sigh.

i'll post knitting stuff later, liam JUST informed me he wants to go to school early.


Ina said...

Ow, good luck with the monitoring. Considering the many possibilities, I'm glad the diagnosis is "and nothing else."

It's crazy how many drivers don't stop for school busses - but another school bus? It's important to complain, loudly.

Dunno about the knitting controversy, now I'm all curious.

fillyjonk said...

With the school bus thing, can you or someone watch and write down the tag numbers of the people who pass?

I think school bus drivers in my town actually DO that if someone blows by them. (I wouldn't know; I'm extra careful that way. Not so much because I don't want a ticket as because I don't want to put someone's kid at risk.)

As for the others...depending on what the cysts are caused by, they may put you back on the Pill. There are some cyst-related conditions where it's considered sort of a low-level treatment.

(And, ahem, there are non-latex alternatives to what you are referring to...I think they are more expensive and they can be hard to find but they exist, or at least did a few years ago...)

Becca said...

and the really frustrating part? i'm allergic to latex.

one word: Polyurethane
They are definitely more expensive than latex though, and are usually listed in the thin categories. I suggest buying in bulk, and waiting for a sale to help with price.

I've had very good service from:

Sign up for their news letter for sale coupons.

(I didn't have a very positive experience with the Pill)