Saturday, October 13, 2007

they all grow up

liam has always been a little boy. he still plays with legos. his favorite video games are cartoon characters. he watches spongebob squarepants, and still laughs every time, no matter how many times he's watched it.

tonight? i saw my little boy become a young man.

He is out on his first date tonight. Admittedly, it's chaperoned to a fair-thee-well, but still. Homecoming.
I am acknowledging the fact that that fuzzy upper lip is a good way towards shouting young man, but he still doesn't shave, lol.
i actually haven't seen him or his date yet. i was a good band mommy and volunteered to work at the Omaha Marching Invitational. Liam's school's volunteer time was 3:50 to 6:30, and the coronation was at 7:30. so mark got to play chauffer to him, his date, and his date's friend, and a friend of all of them. god, can you imagine the raging hormones in that van? three teenage girls and one teenage boy. OY!
and i get to go pick them up and take them all home.


--Deb said...

And time marches on!

Snarled Yarns said...

congrats, Yeah, with girls it's the fuzz under the armpits that tells you.

Elizabeth said...

Another clue is when they are taller than you.

Judith said...

He's very handsome!

Trixie said...

He's so handsome! really! You must be proud. I can remember - vague but still - those days and only hope that his time is easier than some. You're a good band mom too!

cecebiesanz said...

Look out mama, he is one good looking guy! I suspect this was just one of many, many dates to come!! EEk!

cdnbull said...

He certainly is handsome and the outfit is killer. I think with an eye for a bargain and style you can dress well for less.