Wednesday, October 17, 2007

smugness stinks

I'm sorry, but it's beyond irritating when something like this happens:

I had checked on lights out for the boys at 9:15. The lights were out. Liam just came down for a drink, at 9:45. Right after that, Mark got up to go to the bathroom, and asked me to check to see if the lights were out. Normally, Liam goes back upstairs, leaving the lights out (how he does it without killing himself on all the stuff on the floor, i don't know (as far as that goes, i don't know how i did it at his age, either, lol)), and goes back to sleep. Tonight, the little shit had turned the light on, when i went to check. Here's the part that pissed me off. Mark heard me chewing on Liam for having the light on (this is a TINY house), and when he went back to bed he said "I love it when they prove my point." GROWL. i just might stay up late to prove MY point.

But you're not here to hear me bitch (unless you like that, lol).

how about a few pics?

A4A hat #1. this was done with noro kureyon #102. After this hat, i will NEVER work with kureyon again. well, i won't say never, but it's gonna have to be really good. this hat took less than 1 ball, and i found SIX breaks, FOUR thin spots that i let pass (this is supposed to be aran weight yarn), and THREE spots so thick that i literally drafted them to make them thin enough to knit at the same gauge. this hat took one day.

this is A4a hat #2. also of kureyon. this ball was better (only 2 breaks, 3 thin spots, and 3 thick spots), but i'm still dead set against kureyon. my handspun looks better, and feels better, too. this hat was cast on immediately after hat #1. also done in one day.

this was with the remains of the kureyon, and was done top down because i wanted the bright on top, and wanted to use up all of this demon yarn (i had 2 balls) and get it the hell out of my house. (gee, for those of you who believe that part of your thinking goes into everything you make, i'm sorry. at least this hat will keep a child warm in afghanistan, ya know?) the black is the same warps i used for the soaker, only double stranded to be the same gauge (approximately, it's a wee bit thicker) as the kureyon. this hat, too was done in one day. in fact, the black bit was done completely at a parent-teacher meeting (it was almost 2 freaking hours!). the funny part was watching the lady sitting next to me. i had two balls wound, and while one was completely spliced, the other wasn't. the first time i put the ends of yarn in my mouth for a spit splice, i thought she was going to puke in her gucci bag (i think i was one of 3 women who were wearing comfy clothes and flip flops). she calmed down after that, lol. now, the reason why i was knitting like a madwoman, inviting carpal tunnel? the deadline for 80 containers was october 12, and i finished hat #3 on october 8. they went out on oct 9 priority mail. apparently, these containers were donated by some christian organization, and at the beginning of the month, they only had 50 filled. while there were no human models for these hats, i guarantee that they all fit me, which means they would work for older teens.

just doin' my part.

now my part is marine scarves. one of liam's bandmates has a brother in the marine corps whose battalion deployed to iraq today. his mother decided it would be cool to send each kid in the battalion a scarf for this winter. after some consultation with the marines, she got approved yarns and patterns, and started handing stuff out. she gave me 1 skein of caron one pound, one skein of homespun rococo, and 4 skeins of bernat desert sand. last tuesday. they're supposed to be 6-8" wide, and 42" long. i just finished #3. the first was the rococo double stranded with the desert sand, and knit in seed stitch. the second was caron & desert sand double stranded, knit in seed stitch. #3 was caron & desert sand double stranded, crocheted in double crochet. i think i may have enough yarn for 2 more scarves. they need to be done before the end of the month.

this on top of my other charity knitting, lol! this month is caps for kids, and i've gotten 2 hats done, so far. no pics, but i'll get them soon. one thing about ravelry, i'm more willing to take pics and get them up, lol! i'm thinking about casting on mittens, but we'll see.

What I'm reading:
The Living Blood by Tananarive Due (book tape in the house). this book is wild. it's about the Life Brothers, who are immortal. they get their immortality from Jesus Christ. Their blood is healing to mortals. And one of them has given birth to a goddess.

Lord of Chaos by Robert Jordan (book tape in the car). i tried to read this series years ago, and puttered out about book 3. this is book 6 or 7, but i've been using book tapes where i can. that helps, because when i listen int he car, i'm kind of a captive audience.

Niccolo Rising by Dorothy Dunnett. This is about the Medici era in italy. this is my bathroom book, which is just as well, because it's a bit ponderous, and it's easier to take it in small bites (one page at a time). I do like the descriptiveness, though.

The Singing and Dancing Daughters of God by Timothy Schaffert. this was recommended to me by the librarian, as it is written by a local author, and is based here in nebraska (i get the impression it's out by grand island). not a holy roller book at all. the main protagonists have a son who has run away to play guitar for this band, who plays punk-christian music. it's a roller coaster ride of a book, but very interesting. i likee lots!

now, how's that for diversity?

i'm off to cast on scarf #4! (pray my fingers hold out!)

ETA: why is it blogger puts spaces in where i don't want them, and takes out the ones i want?


--Deb said...

Niccolo Rising is NOT an easy book, but it's so, so worth it . . . but be patient with it. It takes time for the story to really get moving, and it also takes time to get your "ear" in for the language.

Snarled Yarns said...

hey, just here to say thanks, and I miss you guys. (sniffle)