Saturday, October 27, 2007

thank you, US government


we've been planning to go to visit my brother and his wife in southern Georgia, since the wedding last year. so i called my SIL to find out where they wanted my mom to fly in to, because i'm not going to force her to ride for 2400 miles (we're driving). She told me that, as an army retiree, they just ACTIVATED HER.

she's 49, overweight by 70#, has to have neck surgery, and wrist surgery, not to mention the fact that she has a bad heart valve, which also needs to be replaced. They won't ship her out of the country because of all of this, but they still insist that they are going to activate her. the town they live in has an army base. where are they sending her? laredo, texas. for 18 months.

when does she go? DECEMBER 18. my mom is flying in december 19. she MIGHT be back the day before we leave to come home. she might not.

she's contacted her local congressman, and i may just contact mine as well!

needless to say, i'm not happy.


noricum said...

Um... sounds like "military intelligence" to me. :P

Ina said...

I'm astonished. This is nuts. What's next, a draft?