Thursday, October 25, 2007


spoiler alert for grey's anatomy:

Tonight's episode made me think on a number of levels. when george said what he did to that man whose daughter was brain dead, i cried. because i feel the same way. even after 6 1/2 years, i cry because i miss my dad. i wish my dad could see how much liam is like he was. i wish my dad could see how smart sean is, and how strong, and how he got himself through such tough times, just like my dad did. i wish he could see how his granddaughters have grown up to be beautiful young women. (ok, that was weird. i talk about steph, and she calls!)

and the little boy trick or treating for ears. i think meredith is finally growing up. i'm sure having such an emotionally sterile mother had to be emotionally draining. never trick or treating? i know there are some religious sects that don't allow it, as well, but still. doing SOMETHING for halloween was always a childhood rite here in the states. and she didn't push her sister away when they talked. that's huge.

but the best part? washing her mother's ashes down the drain of the scrub sink for OR. perfect.

as for karev, and ava, and george and izzy? god, people, get a room and get a life.

ok, spoiler over!

now, for some knitwear.

these are 3 of the 5 marine scarves i made for liam's bandmate's brother's marine battalion. (enough possessives for ya?) all were made with bernat camoflauge desert sand doublestranded with another yarn. these 3 were double stranded with caron one pound, colorway lace, knit in seed stitch. one other were the same yarns, crocheted with double crochets. the fifth was desert sand double stranded with lion brand homespun, colorway rococo. these are all thick and cushy, and should hopefully keep 5 marines warm this winter.

i tried to get into the army twice, in my life. the first time was when i was 17. they turned me down because my eyes were too bad. the second time? i was 29. now, remember, i had 4 kids. and, in those days, you had to get a waiver for more than 2 kids. i got that waiver. however, they still wouldn't waiver my eyes. sooooooooo, i serve where i can.

i've also finished the ships' socks. i have a pic on the camera, but i need to get it downloaded before i can show you. they fit liam a l ittle loosely, so i'm thinking they're actually more like a men's size 11. however, one thing i didn't notice until i had them together. they don't match at all. same dyelot. 2 different skeins. one is lighter than the other, sigh. oh well, they're still pretty dark. the colorway was inky.

this hat was originally going to go to A4a, but it took too long, so its going for caps for kids, which is the charity for this month at Ac4c. it's made from my own handspun, from the spunky eclectic fiber club, july's selection being celebration, in shetland wool. it's navajo plied, and i thought it was pretty badly overspun, but it knitted up quite nicely. this was done top down, with an icord tied in a knot. hence my name of top knot hat, lol.

ok, i have been a bad girl. when the doctor took me off the pill, i stopped taking all my vitamins, and i'm feeling the lack. i take glucosamine/chondroitin for my arthritis, and my hands hurt.

so i'll end this post with what i'm reading.

The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman (book tape in the house)
Lord of Chaos by Robert Jordan (book tape in the car)
Three Bags Full : A Sheep Detective Story by Leonie Swann (this was due tuesday, and i can't renew it, so i'm trying to get through it as fast as i can before i end up with a fine)
Nicolo Rising by Dorothy Dunnett (i think i've figured out the Claes situation!)
The Lamp of the Wicked by Philip Rickman (this book was going amazingly fast before it got derailed by 3 bags full).

oh, btw, since i started typing this, i've already finished the Golden Compass, and started The Subtle Knife. same author. it was due last tuesday, too, so i'm trying to finish it before saturday, hence why i listened to the golden compass first, lol (i hate reading books out of order)

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