Thursday, October 25, 2007

quote for the day

oveheard phone conversation in the cafe at borders:

"Sure! I can do you in a chair! Not a problem."

ahem. i turned red trying not to laugh very hard. later parts of the overheard conversation revealed that she's a massage therapist. she has a table in the back of her car.

sometimes i wonder if having cellphones in this day and age have made us less sensitive to those around us? conversations like this make me wonder.

the big redeemer in t his situation? she was wearing a handmade scarf. her mom made it for her.


fillyjonk said...

Yes, I do think cell-phones have done a lot to make people believe there's some kind of invisible bubble around them when they're out in public.

It seems here it takes two forms: horrible, TMI type conversations. (Seriously: I do not need to overhear the details of someone's gall-bladder removal when I'm waiting in the grocery checkout line) or people who aren't looking out and almost bowl over the people around them. I've had that one happen many times, often in antique shops, where some person who is BOUND and DETERMINED to find the very item to impress their friends is zooming through, looking for that item, while chatting with a spouse or friend who is doing the same thing in another store.

I wonder, if they actually did knock me down, could I have them charged with assault?

Kit said...

I so would have laughed out loud. If they can't be bothered to keep their conversations quiet, then I don't have to pretend I didn't hear it. ;)