Saturday, October 27, 2007

Whoda Thunk

Bob Dylan/ Elvis Costello Tickets: $119.90

Parking: $6

Obligatory Concert T-shirt: $35

Food & Beer: $39.50

Cracking up every time the guy in front of us accidentally grabs mark's knee instead of his girlfriend's shoulder, prompting the remark "my knee does not have a nipple" :



Miss Violet said...

Plastic surgery these days is amazing.

You could definitely GET a nipple for Mark's knee.

I'm just sayin'.

fillyjonk said...

Yeah, there's some artist in Britain who has an ear (well, just the external part...none of the internal workings) grafted on to the inside of his arm.


He's an artist.

knitting dragonfly said...

Just so you know, start saving up now, most insurance will not pay to add a nipple, considered cosmetic. Perhaps you could just get one tattooed on? Well that might ruin the groping fun.

fillyjonk said...

Oh, I'm quite sure that a "body modification" shop (the kind that does piercings and tattoos) could probably dream up a cheaper option...implanting a large-ish ball bearing under the skin, for example.

Of course, the drawback to that would be having to explain yourself to TSA screeners every time you flew.