Friday, October 26, 2007

oh dear

liam is developing an interesting sense of humor (imagine that!)

we were just watching the traffic report on the news, and they said there was a 3rd deer accident this morning.

liam's response?

"what is this world coming to? deer driving? i can just see it! some deer driving a pick up with a gun rack, giving everybody the hoof!"

gotta love it.


Alcariel said...

Then shouldn't the title of your post be "Oh DEER". *insert groans here*

Snarled Yarns said...

That was too funny! I love it when they discover comedy.

Theresa I said...

*snort* that is funny!
Thought of you last night while standing in line to get my copy of Crazy Aunt Purl's book signed.

fillyjonk said...

There's a story (probably isn't true) about a couple of college guys in Vermont or Maine or somewhere who decided to mess with hunters' heads during deer season. They got the campus costume shop to build a couple of very realistic deer heads that they could put on like masks, and they got an old department-store dummy.

They dressed the dummy up in hunter's clothing and strapped him to the fender of the car, and then they put on the deer heads and started driving down the highway in an area near the main deer-hunting woods.

A cop stopped them and told them while he appreciated the humor, they were causing people to run off the road, so he was giving them a warning and telling them to take off the heads and take the dummy off the fender.