Saturday, March 25, 2006

cross your fingers

well, hot damn! i got pics! the blue & purple booties (which went in the mail this morning) were part of a buddy project with dottie from AC4C. A4A is doing a "midwife" project, where the midwives who are going over to afghanistan to help teach afghanis in rural areas good prenatal care/post natal care will pack hat & bootie sets for newborns in their luggage. these are wonderful women to be volunteering some of their space like that! the green set is also for the midwife project. itgirl had some alpaca she didn't like the color of, and sent it to me. that's the olive color. the other green is some left over quatro i had, because i wasn't sure i'd have enough alpaca to finish out a whole set.

This is my sockpal000za sock. i had to rip and restart, because i couldn't figure out where i'd stopped (i had stopped knitting on it for almost 2 weeks!). when alison said it was 6 weeks, i realized i needed to get my fandango back in gear. so here it is again. i'm a tad bit farther along than this now (about 5 rows) but the yarn is just lovely! it's from here. Marie also dyes yarn, and this is some of her stuff, called majestic. i love the color so much i ordered another skein just for me! i'll get to it some time in this century (i hope).

And here's another peek at what i got in the mail. it's good, trust me!


Alcariel said...

You're evil with the package pictures! Of course that could be because I'm also awaiting a package from my SP.

Trixie said...

Has my box arrived to you yet???

puck said...

ohhhh i love packages!! please tell us what it is!!!
i have no SP, in fact i don't know what an SP is sad for me AND i have to go to work tonight AND it is my birthday

will you be at SoP on thursday?
your word verification ends with yyc which is the airport code for calgary, alberta. where the boyfriend is right, cosmic. ok must go to work now