Thursday, March 02, 2006

you guys slay me!

i post about sock patterns, and ask advice. i get 4 comments. i post and ask advice about my hair, and i get 6! anybody notice that one of the words in the title of this blog is "knitter?". i'm just saying.

anyway, i decided to do the pomatomus sock pattern, and have continued apace. however, i don't have pics, i'm too frigging lazy. it's coming out nicely, but i'm a tad concerned that it's not going to be big enough. i did swatch (unphoto-ed as well), and i got stitch gauge. i did not get row gauge, but that's somethign i'm willing to live with. and yes, i know it stretches immensely. but it seems smaller by quite a bit than the jaywalkers. i'm confuzzled. i'm going to keep going for now, and then try to put it on waste yarn, and slip that sucker on. it's made with 1x1 twisted ribbing that has been manipulated to a faretheewell. and the pattern says it stretches a ton. here's hoping.

and i finally cast on a sweater for a4a. a simple guideposts t-top sweater, but i'm using the rusty red wool i got in teh swap 2 weeks ago. speaking of swaps, one lady who took my bag of charcoal gray yarn with colorful bits, came in with more yarn last week because she felt bad she hadn't anything to swap 2 weeks ago. she handed me this big bag of wool boucle in "dirt" colors, and said "take it, i feel bad about taking your yarn!". goodness. such angst. such strife. ok, i took the yarn, lol. i'm thinking another a4a. we'll see.

and y'all need to go check out jen's blog. she's a shakespearian kind of gal, but an enormously funny woman. she's a doctor (toxicologist, please correct me if i'm wrong, carin or jen?) at a local hospital, and between her and carin (a nurse), we (being the knit group) decided to come up with a line of yarns that would be handspun (by me) with colors and names from medical conditions. contusion. abrasion (although we have to discuss this a bit, it's supposed to be self-striping!), necrotizing fascia (sp, ladies?). these all, when you forget the oogy medical bits, are interesting colors. all i asked is that i be presented with the colors themselves, and not the conditions that these colors arive from. rabbitch's breast badger comes tomind at hte moment. ugh.

and y'all need to go check out i'm serious. head on over now. i've been listening to the Sweet Potato Queens Book of Love, and it's an unimaginable riot! i mean, how many women do you know that not only can RECOGNIZE a possum, as it's tail end is hangingout from under your bed, but TACKLE getting the fucking thing out of her house? before it decided it's bladder was full enough (almost direct quote, L&G). and tons of things that may or maynot be construed as advice. and i guess it's incredibly hard to become a queen. however, there are wannabes, and wannabe wannabes. i'm going to be the first wannabe, wannabe, wannabee, before i scrached liam's eyes out. ok, well, i won't do that, but PAY ATTENTION BOY, IT DOESN'T GET ANY EASIER AFTER THIS.

sorry, that was a segue into the child's deplorable timeline work habits. if your first class in the morning is math, and you have absolutely no time from when you walk in the door til class convenes, do NOT do a number of things. Do NOT piss off the teacher. this is the beginning of HER day as well. do NOT wait until your in a bumpy car on your way to school. and do NOT lose your pink personalized pencils (that's from me). these are a consequence of not getting work turned in on time. don't like it? TURN YOUR HOMEWORK IN WHEN IT'S DUE, AND LET US KNOW DUE DATES! THANK YOU!

ok, enough ranting, i'm worn out, andi'm going to bed EARLY!



itgirl said...

I'd buy a yarn with the name of "Bruise." Like a dark purple with tinges of greenish yellow. Or "Fainting Spell" and it could be a pale whitish-green. And "Lupus" could be a brownish purple butterfly splotchiness. Okay, I'm getting a little to much into this.

puck said...

fainting spell= syncope. i like that one, i'll add it to the list. bruise is on there already...i'm sure it will continue to grow.
i think abrasion should be self-striping. and its necrotizing fasciitis (yup, that is how you spell it. pronounced fasch ee eye tis)
but thanks for linking to my someone has read it other than me, and the boyfriend of course but he kind of has to.
knitting was not nearly as fun without you yesterday..hope to see you next week!