Tuesday, March 07, 2006

it was an itsy bitsy teeny weeny

rust colored baby sweater. no pics, my camera was acting weird the last time i tried to use it, so i charged the batteries last night. we'll see if that was the issue. if not, away to best buy we go. gotta love those extended warranties.

i learned something valuable about this yarn. the next sweater i do with it will be in the round. it broke on me 3 times while i was seaming this sweater up. i can't imagine trying to seam a larger sweater. so, in the round, and possibly top down, if i can swing it. i'll have to dig out sweater wizard and see what i get.

by the way, that program ROCKS! all i had to do is plug in chest size, and how i want it made, and gauge, and it spits out all i need! of course, the decreases were a bit bizarre on the back & front & i adjusted those. the strange part was the front matched the back when i knit it, but when i was seaming up the raglan seams on the sleeves, i had to make adjustments because the front was . . . too long???? it still looks cute, and i'm sure some afghani baby will be kept wonderfully warm (as long as they wear something under it, it's kinda scratchy, lol). it looks like maybe 3-6 months. someone is gonna have to tell me, once i get a pic posted.

This has been the house of puke & choke, i swear. sean threw up AGAIN yesterday, and then informed me that if he threw up he couldn't go to school. how convenient. he hates school. and now today, liam has a fever, and has enough snot to float the titanic. oy. i don't have a cold, thank god, and i did my flu thing, so i think once i get these guys healthy, we may have made it through winter fairly well.

2/15: Misique & Fizz Poncho. a fairly simple pattern (not quite a non pattern, it's got a small number of increases) but the main feature, once again, is the yarn. imagine that.
2/16: Opal Knit Belt. This is a double moss pattern, as far as i can see, and just some straight knitting with fringe & beads, and 2 d-rings to make it into a belt. an interesting way to use sock yarn (this is double-stranded) but i don't think i'd use my sock yarn for this. i don't wear belts anyway, lol.
2/17-19:The South Slocan Scarf. This is gorgeous. a very nice lace pattern, and a nice story behind it. I'm gonna try this one
2/20: Trio Bolero. i would like to know why so many people can't come up with original names, but have to use the yarn name to name their patterns? yes, this is made with trio yarn. it's a nice pattern though, with a little fun fur double stranded for the edging. not a bad pattern.
2/21: Thumbless Baby Mitts. I'm glad i'm not a baby, having my thumb trapped like that would drive me crazy! these are fairly straight forward, and have i-cord to prevent mitt-loss.
2/22: Victorian Beaded Tea Cozy. well, it's interesting, i'll say that much, lol. it's made with pony beads & Plymouth Encore. it's for a 2-cup pot, if anybody's interested.

and now i gotta scram and get sean to daycare, and liam to his sick care

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Trixie said...

I can't wait to see a photo of the finished product! Seems there are lots of sick ones out there: little kids, big kids, adults who have digressed into kids, etc.

Hope all are well.