Friday, March 17, 2006


i don't know waht else to do, lol. my friend jen has been major difficulties with her comments. i think part of the problem is her email is bouncing, but i can't contact her any other way except through my blog and blogs i know she frequents.

lol, i hope she sees it, other wise it will wait until i see her at sit & knit, lol.

other than that, all i ahve right now is this on st patrick's day!

erin go bragh!

2/23-24: Angoli. This is a doily type square. it's gorgeous! i'm keeping this one in mind if i get a yen for thread crochet. and i do do that once in a great while (hence the huge flurry of snowflakes i crocheted a few years back)
2/25-26: Alpaca Men's Gloves. Very nice. kinda funky with the dark finger tips, lol. i may have to talk mark into letting make me a pair of them for him.
2/27: Sushi Roll TP Cover. um, yeah. toilet paper cozies. this is funny, though. i won't be making it, but hey, it's better than the "bed dolls" i've seen lingering on the back of toilets.
2/28: Flowerpot Flourish. another cozy. this one for a flower pot. the one they've got is used to hold hooks and small scissors. at least this, to me is more constructive. if you used it on a working (as in potted) flower pot, it would absorb the water overflow if you used cotton. right.
3/1: Fur Stole. ok. first off, i do't like the fun fur yarns, much. second, it's a tiny "shoulder" stole. how's that gonna keep me warm? (i'm a tad bit bigger than just my shoulders, lol). third, the timing for this one. March? i could understand september, or even august, but march?
3/2: Aurora Afghan Square. this is very pretty, particularly in the colors (i used to hate purple, but as i've grown older, i've discovered that while i cannot stomach the bright neon purple, the deep dark "royal" purple, and plums appeal to me. pastels? blech).
3/3: Crimson Capelet. sigh. capelets again. i'm sorry, but these seem like fashion faux pas to me. the only place i've ever seena capelet is in my favorite LYS. i swear, all the ladies are required to wear something knit, when they work. even if it's just a little belt. i like it, because i get to see lots of stuff in action. but a capelet? to each his own, i say. if you want to crochet one, by all means go ahead, but dont' ask me to wear it?
3/4-5: Peekabo Periwinkle Afghan. this is cute. it's worked in layers, from what i can tell (i scanned it quick, i'm getting tired, lol!)
3/6-7: Poke Bag. according to the description, "poke" is an archaic word for bag. so this is a bag bag? also, if a poke is a bag, what's taht make a poke bonnet? a one-bagger? (i'm too funny, stop me!)
3/8-9: Bear-Ghan. this is a baby blanket where a bear is also crocheted on the end, and of course, it's done in fun fur. still, it's kind acute, and much easier than trying to sew faux fur (i've done it, ask me later)
3/10-12: Girls Linked Poncho. not quite sure hwo it's linked, but it's darling fir little girls (thank ehaven for little girls. . . goodness, i sound distinctly like rex harrison at the moment (anbody recognice the movie? (yes, i've actually seen it!)))
3/13-14: bumblebee box. this is the one nice thing about crochet vs knit. if you knit a flat bottomed tube, unless you used the tightest gauge, and gave yourself carpal tunnel, it wouldn't stand up. single crochet is like armor. and this is kinda cute! make a nice little ring box for some little bug-mad child.
3/15: St Patrick's Tissue cover. not saying a word.
3/16: Custom-Fit Doggie Sweater. Boonie (my SIL's dog) has a knitted doggie sweater from me. maybe i should knit him one as well (except now he lives in georgia full time, will have to ponder that one)
3/17: this is a big surprise. are you ready for it? Ready? 4 Leaf Clover. anyone shocked? surprised? dismayed? (i like dismaying people, lol) it's a nice set up, though, and not like your regular shamrocks.

What i'm reading:

see the last post, except add
Sweet Potato Queens Big Ass Cookbook (and Financial Planner) by Jill Conner Browne. this woman is a godsend. i gotta find me a sweet potato queen chapter. and for those who were asking me last night at sit & knit, it's
. go check it out.

i'm off like a herd of turtles (and not crocheted oens like i made steph)

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puck said...

thanks minnie! i have emailed the .mac people and hopefully they will be able to explain...AND FIX....the problem!
it is kind of funny how we communicate in this day and age :>
anyway, my OTHER email is j(dot)audi(at)mac(dot)com