Monday, March 20, 2006

a little song, a little dance, a little seltzer, down your pants

ok here's the song:

and here's the dance:

Chocolate math.

1. decide how many times you'd like to eat chocolate per day, but more than 0 and less than 10.

2. take it times 2

3. add 5

4. multiply times 50 (i'll wait)

5.subtract 1756 if you're still waiting for your birthday; subtract 1756 if you have.

6. you should have a 3 digit number;

the first number is the number of times you'd eat chocolate per day.
the second is your age.

and you guys can figure which one is the seltzer (which one gives you more fizz)

i'll be back later, i had to come home early because sean's daycare closed at noon, and mark ahd snow duty, so he couldn't leave early.

1 comment:

puck said...

this doesn't work
i would like to eat chocolate 4 times per day
times 2 = 8
plus 5 = 13
times 50 = 650
minus 1756 = 1106

my birthday is march 27th (still waiting) and i'll be 32
i still want to eat chocolate 4 times per day, but according to this i am 6 years old and want chocolate 11 times per day
i'm ok with that
btw i got new tires today, even though this will be the last snow of the season, so now i am 700 dollars poorer, and i was able to make it the 100 yards down my street in less than the 25 minutes it took me this morning, but i have to go back and get it re-aligned since the car now pulls to the left big-time (which it did not do before) ugh