Thursday, March 30, 2006

hey nonni, nonni

yes, that's my secret pal, who isn't so secret. her name is yvonne davies, and she's from wales! woot! she has been the bestest pal ever, and i definitely nominated her for best pal. see what she sent me:
Once again, she sent me a Knitting magazine. i love this thing! the sock yarn is Lana Grossa, and none of the label is in english, lol. the soap is daffodil scented, with a welsh dragon on top. i don't think i'll ever wash with it! the (opened, lol) white package is dried strawberries covered in belgian white chocolate. these are extremely tastey! i don't know how she knew that i don't like strawberries with regular chocolate, but white chocolate is aces! this was part 1, because the other was kinda heavy, and she didn't want all of it to be late. here's the rest:

More later it's storming


puck said...

very nice SP you've got there. wales is one of the most beautiful places i'ver ever been, and their language is way cool, too

puck said...

apparently i am inventing my own contractions
i have ever, in the queen's english. the former is more cockney than anything else

Alcuin Bramerton said...

Is it still storming?

Alcariel said...

After seeing you with your wheel last night, I'm so tempted to get one now! And I was about *this* close about noon today. My closing was delayed...again. I so needed some retail therapy and decided that if they were going to make me wait until Monday, then I was going to drop a few hundred dollars on a wheel. Luckily, they called back that could close at 3:00 today, so my credit card is safe.....

.....for now.