Monday, March 13, 2006

good god!

you guys gotta goose me about posts, i kept thinking "i need to post" and then forgetting. oy
this is the wizard sweater. didn't it turn out darling? i did learn that seaming wiht this yarn is tough. it broke 3 times, so the next sweater will be in the round as much as i can swing it.
This is a skein of my own handspun. it's part merino, part some nasty crap that i got burnt on on ebay, and part some green stuff that i don't know the breed of, because i bought it so long ago, lol. i'm trying to use up the nasty crap (i've got a whole bleeding pound of the shit), but since i can only stand to spin aobut 1/2 an ounce at a time, i'm cutting it with the merino. there's 76 yards on this skein. it's a bulky weight, and will make a nice vest for a4a. iv'e got another skein almost dry, and that's 52 yards. i'm going to wizard a vest for this too.
Believe it or not, this is the beginnings of the peacock. no, i haven't gotten any further. my first attempt at the first chart immediately failed, and since i was tired, i tinked that row, and immediately put it down. i will NOT have to frog this thing, if i can help it. i don't think the yarn would take it. And this mystery box will have to wait for next time. i'm bushed, and behind in my calendars.

2/23: Easy Hat. i'll say, easy! it's doen as a square on a knitting machine. goodness.
2/24: Icelandic Silk Boucle Scarf. icelandic silk? i didn't knwo they could grow those kinds of caterpillars there! it is pretty though, but a very simple double moss stitch. almost non-pattern.
2/25-27: Inca Inspired Adult Vest. this is nice. looks like it's done with worsted yarn. i could do this for a4a, or do it in acrylic for Dulaan. one to keep in mind.
2/28: Double Diamonds. This is a lace pattern wehre the diamonds are outlined twice making for a nice contrast. this is nice, and a definite keeper.
3/1: Mexican Knitting Tote Bag. i dont know why this is called mexican, other than the color inspirations. it's done in short rows with heavy cotton. i suppose you could use lion kitchen cotton or sugar & cream. this is actually kinda cute, and imay just make one for my SIL for christmas (stop reading right there, woman, don't get any ideas!).
3/2: Basic Hat. This is done with different weights, so while it's easy as pie, it does give guidelines for more than one weight. a handy thing to have.
3/3: Elegant Slipped Stitch Mesh Scarf. this is pretty, and the pattern looks interesting. but it's in ribbon. i've worked with ribbon once, on purpose. not an experience i'm likely to repeat willingly.
3/4-5: Bottom Up Circular Seamless Baby Booties. all the ladies at AC4C oohed and ahhed over this pattern, especially with the special dulah project going on at a4a. these are your typical "stay on" booties, lol. almost (and i do mean almost, nothing is proof against a determined baby, ask the boys about leashed baby bottles, and spilled milk) kick proof.
3/6: Short Simple Cape. mega easy. damned nigh on a non-pattern, except for the increases in strategic places. oy. and wool-ease at that.
3/7: Slip Bead I-Cord Jewelry. very cute. i liek this. it would make good gifts for young girls.
3/8-9: Fingerless Gloves with Eyelash Trim. very nice, even down to individual fingers, but did they have to put shredded muppet on the cuffs? there are uses for this stuff, but i dont think this should be one of them. sigh.
3/10: Little Flowers Cowl. named for yarn. non-pattern. nuff said.
3/11-12: The Traditional Pixie Hat. this is a simple fold-up brim stocking hat. what makes it special is the recycled silk yarn. however, there's no carry-along, and i don't think anyoen bothered to tell the designer that the recycled silk yarns tend to grow, and by the time the model got out of the photo shoot, she was probably using the hat as a sun screen, as it had grown past her shoulders, and had converted itself ot a poncho. sigh.
3/13: Lacy Shawl or Poncho. this is interesting, but how do they get 2 balls of opal sock yarn to stretch far enough to make this? it's done on 13's. is that why? i'm confuzzled.
3/14: Intertwined Cables Scarf. oooooooooooo, i'm impressed. this is very nice. and since it's got a ribbed middle section, it's started in the middle with a provisional cast on, then those stitches are picked up, and knit the other way, so the ends match. i'm keeping this one in mind.

you might be a redneck if you have season tickets for the tractor pull (hell those things have jet engines, i CANNOT imagine plowing a field with them!)
. . . you would rather yoru son have his own hunting show than become a doctor (yeah, right, i'm not a babe winkleman wannabe, i'm a sweet potato queen wannabe wannabe! now THAT'S rednecked!)
. . . a night on the town includes city jail.
. . . your bathroom towels are also your bathroom curtains. (hmmm, interesting thought for a towel rack, my bathroom is so small i have to leave to change my mind)
. . . your burglar alarm is a vacuum cleaner plugged into a motion detector (that's not rednecked, that's ingenuity!)
. . . you've ever watched a tornado from a lawn chair.
. . . you paint your garage with a paintball gun. (they used to call that impressionist art!)
. . . you were ever fired for shooting spitballs (ew!)
. . . you've ever rolled your riding lawn mower (um, yeah.)
. . . you skip school but bring back a picture of your deer and you are excused (i grew up in a town like that!)
. . . you get your daily requirement of fiber from toothpicks.(that you've chewed on with your tooth!)
. . . there are naked lady mud flaps on yoru town's fire truck.
. . . your wife puts candles on a pan of cornbread for your birthday.

What i'm reading.
Voyager by Diana Gabaldon (booktape in the house, i had to wait 2 months for this!)
Hearts in Atlantis by Stephen King (booktape in the car). this is good, but i have to pick & choose when i play it because it's "earthy" in spots as well.
Dragon Tears by Dean Koontz. i haven't read mr koontz in 15 years or more, but my SIL recommended it, so i'll give it a shot.
The Wolves of the Calla by STephen King. yeah, i picked this back up again. it was overdue, so i turned it in, and then immediately requested it again, lol. i swear i'm gonna finish this bugger!

ok, gang, i'm Done (there's my d, so ;P)

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