Tuesday, April 25, 2006


these are my heroes:

these are my sons. they've been through hell & back, and yet, they can still smile.

This is my favorite picture i have of mark, as i'm sure you know, since i've posted this a kajillion times. he's a loving husband (yeah, i know, we're not married yet, but as far as i'm concerned, he's mine), and a wonderful father. he's taken my kids in like they were his own.

And this is my baby brother, bob. he's on his 3rd career, at 35. i admire his guts, in hunting for his dream. i admire him in a definite other way as well; he's a gulf war vet. at 19, with only 6 months of time under his belt in the army, in september of 1990, he was sent to saudi arabia. he doesn't talk much about his time there (i've noticed that about vets, they don't talk about it), but i know it changed him. he's got health problems from it (the big one is short term memory loss (his favorite phrase is "i've slept since then" when asked to remember something)). and i thank him every year for serving our country, and protecting us for 8 long hard years.

these are my heroes.


Alcariel said...

Are you going to the Debbie Stoller signing at The Bookworm tomorrow? It's at 2 and I'm going to try to be there. If not, then I'll see you Thursday.

Michelle said...

You have several remarkable heroes in your life. You take good care of them. After all, behind every great man is a remarkable woman. ;D