Thursday, April 20, 2006

kat's contest

Kat is having a contest for unusual places to knit. i had left a comment on deb's blog, and she suggested i enter the contest, so here it is. my 5 unusual knitting places.

hmmm, i can think of all kinds of places that aren't the "norm". i once knit a mitten while christmas shopping at walmart. while walking around. no, i didn't push the cart, lol.
i also knit at the dentist office. i was once told by a hygenist (i sell lots of novelties to dental offices, lol, the treasure boxes rock!) that it's good to do something to keep you preoccupied before it's your turn. keeps your mind off the drills, and the funny noises. in fact, when i have to get major work done, it's nothing for me to drag my bag back there, and while they're waiting on the novacaine, to knit a few rows. IN THE DENTIST'S CHAIR.

ummmm, at work, all the time. used to knit while working the phones, to keep me occupied between calls (and during slow moving calls, lol) but theyput the kabosh on that last september, and now i hide a book & read.

at bookstores, while reading. i'm usually reading knitting magazines, lol.

um, i knit while i was in labor with my first daughter. it helped keep me calm, when i was waiting at home for the pains to get closer together. (and i also had an urge to pick the house up, too, so i did that between pains, and knit during thepains).

and i WILL bring knitting to my own wedding. i'm planning on making a little "reticule" from the leftovers of my train (this is a park wedding, no way in HELL am i wearing a train, so it's getting cut off, and the fabric used for silly things like the ringbearer pillow, and my "reticule".) as i know my tendency to cry at things like weddings. i'm also going to hide a baby bootie in there on my size 1's. i'm not telling mark, lol.

in other news, i swear, i'm going to string sean up by his toes. he asked if he could play outside for a little bit when we got home, and then would help me with the basement room (we're moving down there, but had originally thought to make it a "play room" and had the boys move toys down there. of course the toys are everywhere). i was a wee bit distracted by the fact that both the glass AND the screen had come out of my front porch door, and since they were the full length of the door, anybody could walk in and out at will. i remembered to call him in 20 minutes later, except no sean. so i went downstairs. no sean. i checked their room. no sean. i went back outside, and walked all the way round the house. no sean. i'm starting to get upset. i go to both neighbors, even though he's been told to tell me if he goes in anywhere, but nobody was home. ok, time to start panicking. i called mark, and he actually answered! (it was 8, and that's when he usually goes to bed). i told him sean was missing, and he said "get in the van, and go look for him. i'll get in the truck and start looking too." i went in and told liam to start on his typing homework, and to call me on my cell if sean showed up while i was gone. i drove up the alleys to the local drugstore. he's been known to walk up there without permission before. they hadn't seen sean, but said they'd tell him to go home if they did. i went to the community center 6 blocks from my house, because he knows where it is, and i thought he may have decided to see if the library was open. no sean. the guys playing basketball did say they'd tell him to go home if they saw him. i stopped at the park close to his daycare, and asked the people there who were setting up for the local fair days if they'd seen him, and they told me they'd send him home. at that point, i decided it was time to check in at home, just in case sean had just walked in, and liam was too busy chewing him out to call. mark pulled in behind me, and had sean with him. sean had decided to go down by the railroad tracks, and mark figured it out as soon as he realized sean wasn't at the drugstore. i immediately burst into tears. i was so frightened that his BF had shown up, and decided to take him. he apologized (he's not used to see me crying, unless i'm angry, lol), and said he wouldn't do it again. i told him he needed to apologize to liam, too, and sent him in. whew. and the reason why he didn't tell me where he was going was because he knew i'd tell him no, because i'd told him that he wasn't allowed down there last summer. oy. some days, i swear, some days.

i've started a vest with my green/white handspun. it's a bit stiff, but it will definitely keep some little one warm. i'm thinking i'm going to send this to dulaan, after all, because i've sent so much to a4a, and i've only got 2 hats done for dulaan, and the due date is july 1. i'll show pics when i find my camera, lol.


Michelle said...

Kids sure know how to make parents lose their marbles! I'm so glad Sean was found safe and sound.

I'll let you know about the pattern. I emailed the shop and asked them about the cost for shipping one pattern. They haven't gotten back to me yet. LOL

Michelle said...
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Alcariel said...

Setting the or cold water? I'm guessing hot, but not hot enough to felt it, then hang it from a hanger with something heavy on the bottom. So never mind my question because that's what I'm going to go try and hopefully it won't come out completely terrible.

(Can you tell that I'm really hyped up on caffeine at the moment?)