Thursday, April 27, 2006

public service announcement

for your own sanity's sake, if you have a cell phone, go register at apparently, the cell phone companies are releasing cell #'s, and if you get charged for incoming calls, you're gonna get it. i don't know if this is new or not, but i went ahead and registered both my cell and my home phone. i know, i work in a call center, but it's INBOUND. i will never work outbound, not even if they promise me no cold calls (that's people never called by the company before). no way jose.

and i'm going to knit night! tootles!


laurie said...

fortunately it's not correct...see below

on the other hand, i registered my cell as soon as the no call list was available lol (long before this email started making rounds)...nothing like a wee bit of paranoia ;o) it won't hurt to register your cell, but the companies aren't releasing numbers

fillyjonk said...

What I'm waiting for is the do-not-spam list.

And - I'm on the do not call list for my home phone, but I still get calls I'd rather not get. Oh, they fall under the "it's still okay" laws because they're from "charities" (I refuse to call any outfit where less than 20% of the money taken in actually goes to the charity group a "charity" - and yes, I do ask). And I get calls (usually taped, usually by their spouse or kids) about political candidates. And I get calls from companies I already do business with, asking me to do more business with them. (Thanks, SBC, but if I want a DSL line I'll call you, and no amount of calling me up and begging me on your part can accelerate that decision.)

and invariably these calls come as I am sitting down to dinner, or in the middle of difficult grading, or are doing something which my concentration and time are important to.