Monday, April 17, 2006

my sok

here's my sockpal000za sock. finished. and for some reason, i can't find the pic i took of it and the second one i started immediately after grafting the toe for this one. i'm not entirely happy with the toe (it seemed a bit pointy to me) but i have very square feet. i'm hoping it will fit my pal better. it at least is as long as she asked for. i hope she likes it!

Here's the pattern, close up. this actually looks pretty good in this colorway! i got it from here. i had bought yarn from her for my sp7 exchange pal, and it was so nice, i bought this as well. i had originally planned to keep it for me, but it told me it needed to be sock pal socks, so i gave in. however, i've ordered more for myself, lol.

and now i must dash, i gotta get the kidlets off to school

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Ina said...

Beauteous sock! I love the color pooling down the side of the leg.