Tuesday, April 11, 2006

i'm tired

i feel like hedda van schtupp in blazing saddles. i'm tired. granted, i haven't gotten more than 6 hours of sleep for the last 3 days, but still!

the boys spent the weekend at their grandmother's, which was VERY nice. they were gone thursday, and i picked them up sunday. very nice, indeed!

and for all of those asking, my new ride is a Chrysler Town & Country Limited Edition. very chichi! and it is TOTALLY LOADED! leather seats (which are no big deal to me) that are heated at the push of a button (now THAT is a big deal to me!), automatic doors and hatch, nice sound system, and best of all, a SUNROOF! it's quite nice, and i think the only time i've had that sunroof closed has been at night and in the rain. i'll post more pics later, i'm just too lazy to download them.

i'm also too lazy to take a picture of my sockpal000za sock. it progresseth well. i'm past the heel, and onto the foot. this fits me a little tight, but my pal's feet are a bit smaller than mine, so it should be fine. i like how it looks, too. but you'll see soon enough.

you might be a redneck if the three little words you whisper to your wife at night are "pull my finger."
. . . your hospital uses jumper cables as a defibrillator.
. . . you still own every tire you've ever bought.
. . . your doghouse has more carpet than your living room.
. . . the local news crew won't put you on tv because you embarassed them the last 2 times.
. . . your pocketknife doubles as a toenail clipper and cheese slicer (ew!)
. . . your back yard smoker used to be a rest stop trashcan.
. . . you bought your last set of tires & your wedding dress at the same time. (tractor supply rocks!)
. . . you get lost in your own backyard.
. . . there was a deer on the hood of a car in the last funeral procession you were in.
. . . you own more cars than socks (hey, i don't wear socks!)
. . . you view duct tape as a long term investment.
. . . you can identify your friends by the sound of their mufflers.
. . . you receive a jar of pickled eggs as a wedding present.
. . . your first pet was a chicken (camilla!)
. . . your neighbors chip in to buy you a muffler.
. . . you are driving the car you were conceived in (hey a classic never dies!)

what i'm reading
Drums of Autumn by diana gabaldon (book cd in the house)
The Bonesetter's Daughter by amy tan (book tape in the car). i have to admit, this is kinda boring. i'll finish it out, but . . .
Something from the Nightside. dont ask me who wrote it, that would entail getting up and looking, and i'm lazy, remember?
A Salty Piece of Land by Jimmy Buffet. what an all around guy. this book is good. a little crazy (and what, from the father of all parrotheads, is not a little crazy?)

and there's your lot. i promise pictures next time (i think)


dragon knitter said...

and for those of you brave enough to look in comments, no, i didn't ahve to leave liam.

lori said...

how nice for Liam. ;) nice wheels... sounds like lots of fun buttons to play with.

and pickled eggs are yummy (no, i didn't get any at either of my weddings :P). :)