Monday, April 03, 2006

what a birthday

here's my sockpal000za sock. yes, it's only this far. the last was so mistake-ridden, that i decided to frog all the way down to the ribbing, and started over. while this reincarnation hasn't been exactly mistake-free, i've only found two, and i was able to do some creative knitting, and have fixed it. here's hoping the good knits continue. and now, for my "birthday" present.

Yup! mark & i went car shopping friday night, and actually went with the intention of just looking. however, we couldn't pass this baby up, so we brought it home to try for the weekend (hefty down payments tend to convince salespersons that we are sincere in our intent to buy, and they will do amazing things in turn!). i'm in lurv! it has automatic everything, plus a sun roof, which has only been closed when it's raining. we go sign the paperwork tonight (better take liam, they may want a first born, lol).

Mark & i went out to eat saturday night, and my mom watched the boys. we had a lovely time. the food, however, was so-so. this was a historical place that i'd never been to, and mark had gone several times as a child. i think that when the owner retires, so will the restaurant. sigh. however when we got home, mark surprised me, and stayed up with me. he always dies around 8 pm, so when 930 came, and he was still wide awake, we decided to watch monty python. i had so much fun saturday night!

well, i must off, i have a child to take to daycare, and a note to write. catch y'all on the flip side.


Ina said...

Happy birthday! Great prezzie, I'm jealous.

Reincarnated sock looks great, too.

lori said...

happy belated. :))))))))) nice present... wheels is always a good present. :) see, something for both your bdays. nice timing.

Cathy said...

Happy belated birthday.

Luuuuuuuuuuuv the reincarnated "hippo" sock and the colours look great.


Lynne said...

Hey, great pressie! It's a Chrysler Voyager? The sock is looking good and I know about those fudges - I found that if I ignored the instructions to slip one stitch onto the previous needle most of my woes just melted away! (even the non-knitting ones! ;)

Trixie said...

Happy Birthday! Love the new car but what model is it? Did you need to leave a first born or did they do the deal gratis?