Monday, April 24, 2006

whine alert

this was my dinner tonight :

on april 15, i went to the dentist and had a temporary crown put in. thusly began my saga of pain and agony. this thing would NOT stop hurting. it felt like an atrocious toothache, only this would flare up every time i ate, no matter what side i chewed on. i even went home from work thursday because it hurt so bad after lunch. today i called, and they asked me to come in. they replaced the temporary crown, and put in something much more comfortable. however, it entailed numbing that back tooth once again. i am particularly susceptible to this stuff (i understand it's not novacaine any more), and it lasts forever. i got there around 5, and was officially numb by 5:15. it is now 3 hours and 24 minutes later, and i'm still numb. i am unable to eat because i don't want to chew my cheek. so i had a shake. i'm hoping it wears off soon, cuz i would love to eat something real. bleh.

here's what i did last night:

if anybody remembers, a friend from ac4c bought some buffalo, but didn't spin, so i volunteered to spin it for her. well, lo and all these many months later, it's spun. it's even plied (about 50 yards from 2 oz of fiber), and hung and everything, but i feel like crap, so you'll have to wait til next time for a pic of the plied skein.

This is what i did yesterday inbetween bits of house ravaging (this place is too much of a mess to call it cleaning) wanna see more?

Think you see the correlation now? just wait!

and it's going somewhere you'd not expect! it went outside! just like suntea! now, wanna see what it came out like?

It's a bit blotchy, but hey, it's handpainted roving!

i'm gonna quit while i'm ahead with the pics, blogger never let's me post more than 5, and that was just #6!

and yes, it's now 852, and my jaw is still numb. sigh.

Edit: it's 1021 and i finally can feel most of my face. my lower lip is still tingly, but i had a can of soup an hour ago. i couldn't wait any more. but i didn't burn myself, and didn't make TOO much of a mess. 5hours, sheesh!

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Sarah said...

Ooo, buffalo - how fancy! I'm looking forward to seeing that sky-blue roving spun up, too. That will make for some cheerful knitting on gray winter days.