Saturday, October 01, 2005


ooooooooo an early post! well, early for me. i've been up for 3 hours, reading, vegging, and now rounding up the troops. the boys are showering (not together, lol!) and i'm washing liam's nebraska shirt so he can wear it this afternoon. sean is wearing his iowa state shirt. this should be an interesting afternoon, lol.

mark says the ribs are simmering nicely, and he's just put 3 chickens in the smoker. i'm drooling.
This is the buffalo that my friend PatQ from AC4C bought and asked me to spin. this is actually only about 25% buffalo, and the rest is wool and mohair, but that's ok, that will make it interesting to spin!

This is the raw buffalo fiber. i think it's been washed, but it's got a lot of vegetable matter in it, and i think it needs to be carded. if anybody has any advice about this, considering i don't have any carders, and really don't want to invest in some just for this, please holler!

This is the tag that came with the blend. see! 55% brown wool, 25% buffalo down, and 20 % angora. wow. and pat even said i could keep some, she just wanted enough for a hat!

For those of you craving sweater progress, here ya go. the picture i posted last night was taken 4 days ago. this was taken last night. it's really hard to see the cables in this pic, but they do show relatively well in natural light.

This is the best shot i culd get of the cables. it's actually not too bad, they do stand out a bit more than that. this is going to be so yummy and warm when it's done!

I normally respond to comments on the commenter's blog, but there were two i just have to address. lynne, you are terrible! (;)). and Amie, thanks for sharing your 13 year old story. liam is not learning disabled, however, he's been tested til he's blue (one small benefit to the foster care system) he's just lazy. and he admitted it last night. sigh. as for your GB's ex, you might want to have your stepson officially tested outside the school, and then hand her the results. sometimes paper glaring you in the face can really make you see reality. if not, it makes a good case in court. if you're interested in gaining custody, ya know. just sayin'.

Ok, well, i'm off to shop like a madwoman for the party, as soon as liam gets his hiney out of the shower.

You might be a redneck if you've ever named a child for a good dog (rover?).

Pattern of the Day: Cozy Hooded Jacket. this looks like a fun, quick knit, but it's only for a size 38" chest! would be tight on me, too small for steph. about the only one it would fit is liam! sigh.

have a nice day!

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TitaniumRose said...

OK, I must have missed something - which pattern are you using for the sweater? It's looking lovely!