Sunday, October 02, 2005

the gods must be crazy

or maybe it's me. i've started ANOTHER project. the boys' former fostermom is pregnant, with a little girl, and she's due in december, on her birthday no less. so i've endeavored to make her a blanket, sweater, hat and booties. since we all know i've become a past master at speed sweaters, i thought i'd better start the blanket first. it's from a pattern i had laying around that i've adapted the main motif from (yes, jessie, that one). i'll use the pattern for the sweater, and then figure out hat & booties to go with. it will be darling. it will be cute. it will be PINK. I hate pink, lol. the things i do for a good friend. anyway, here's the pic:

you can vaguely see that this is seed stitch. the border will be 10 rows of seed stitch, and 10 stitches on each side. i like it that way.

And this is the sweater i finished during the football game yesterday that NEBRASKA WON! gee, i don't love my team. i started this sweater friday night, and it went quick. i am a bit disappointed in teh yarn, though. it's redheart, and they've given a "price increase" by reducing how much comes in a skein. it's still $2.17, but now you get 5 oz on the multicolors instead of 6. and the yarn felt funny too. we'll have to see how this washes up.

The party went well. the food was yummy (there was way too much, so we made everybody take home their own food (we had too much as it was, and much ended up in the freezer)), the company was good, the game was tight (double OT, nebraska's never done that), and the ribbing was gentle when iowa state finally lost. in case y'all don't know, mark is a nebraska hater. watches the games in the hopes they'll lose. his alma mater is iowa state, so there's a big rivalry in the house. poor sean can't make up his mind, lol. does he root for mom's team, or dad's? we told him we didn't care, as long as it was a good game, fairly played. i think he rooted for iowa state. i'm not sure, because he sat inside and watched the big tv, and i sat outside and watched the tv in the garage. it was a beautiful day. warm enough to be comfortable, and cloudy enough to keep from being too hot.

of course, ihad to run my fanny off! mark stayed home and cleaned yesterday morning, while i ran errand after errand after errand, all before the game started. i went to the post office, and the library, and walmart, and no frills, and back to my house for my knitting/crocheting, and then found out the local radio shack was closed (i'd been sent for coax cable so they could run the bedroom tv out to the garage), and had to run to the downtown one. i think i burned half a tank of gas! whew. i was ready to crash when i finally came back with the coax.

The final menu was featherbones, smoked, with cookie's bbq (my fav!), smoked chicken, nacho/pork dip, potato salad, pasta salad, deviled eggs, 3 different kinds of chips, cake, and cream cheese mexican dip. there were 13 people there, and 4 of them were 15 and younger. those boys can EAT! my god. i don't think any of them quit eating all afternoon! and there were still leftovers, lol.

a good time was had by all!

now to plan the next big shindig: THE WEDDING. film at 11.

Have a nice day!

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Jessica said...

Tee hee--is that "Jessie" directed at me? You'll love doing that pattern. It's fun and quick. (And I personally LOVE pink!)