Thursday, October 13, 2005

light & dark

This is the 5 hour baby sweater i've been talking about. the colors are actually pretty accurate! i decided to use the "scene" setting on my camera, and by jove, i've got more accurate colors! the blue isn't quite so robin's egg, but the rest is about right! amazing. the reason why it's looking a bit wonky is because i was working on this at sit & knit (more about that later, lol) and didn't have a spare pair of needles with me, so i just left the stitches on the needle and worked the sleeve. almost like short-rowing, but no involvement with the other sections, lol. this is redheart from my stash (honest mark, i'm really trying not to buy more yarn!) and i like it! for some reason, this pattern is coming out easier than the regular 5 hour baby sweater (this is the boys' version). i don't know why.

And here is the gorgeous roving that erin got me on her trip to minneapolis. i think she got this at creative fibers in edina, but check my comments from the post where i mentioned it earlier. once again, scene setting on my camera, and this is relatively accurate. it's about 7 1/2 ounces. i'm thinking i don't want to ply it on itself, for fear of muddying the colors, but the offwhite i have won't work either. i'm thinking i need grey. now to find grey fiber. hmmmm. anybody got any sources? this stuff is amazingly soft, so i want a close match.

This was a major laugh on a night when i needed it. Fillyjonk had it on her blog, and threatened to do it if it weren't for the fact that she's teaching that night. this would have come in handy last year with liam and his toxic waste costume.

Go oggle Franklin's new sweater. amazing that this is his first! wish i were going to rheinbeck to see it. and all the bloggers that will be there as well. i wish we had a S&W festival here, but the few sheep raised are meat sheep, sigh, and their wool isn't too hot for anything but rugs. sigh.

I did get to go to sit & knit tonight, and met a few new people, and oggled some gorgeous stuff. there's a lady there named meeka (a total guess on the spelling) that crochets the most gorgeous stuff! she'd made a moebius wrap with the twist being just chains. hard to describe, but erin knows what i mean, she saw it. it was stunning. and she's like meh, no biggie. wow! she had made a lace ponchette, and it was too small for her, so she gave it to another girl there, who was a little smaller (very petite thing, i'm jealous) because she didn't want it to go to waste. goodness. apparently she regularly gives her stuff away.

i had to leave early though, because sean had another bad day. i was so frustrated this morning with his lack of speed with getting dressed that i started crying. mark was furious over that one. i always plan to leave the house around 10 after, and we left at 21 after. liam and i were both this close to being late. i had signed up for a little overtime, and almost didnt' make it. sigh. sean did apologize to me tonight about making me cry, but while he may mean it now, what about later? he keeps saying, i'll do better, i'll behave, but then the next day, he's just as bad. i have a feeling it's got to do with the discussions he and mark have been having. while this stuff needs to come out, i'm expecting the behaviors to not be better for a bit. mark thought maybe he should back off, but i told him, this is going to happen no matter what, and if sean is ready now, for god's sake don't stop! sean has opened up more in the last few weeks than he has in the last 4 years. i'm not going to discuss what happened here, but if you can get ahold of a copy of Cheaper than Therapy, you'll learn more there.

goodness. it's been 4 years since my life went to hell in a handbasket. now i wax philosophical. sometimes i wonder if i really learned anything in the last 4 years, and then again, i'm told i'm different. not the same woman. 4 years ago, i would have called myself a girl. not now. i suppose i'm growing up whether i want to or not.

i saw my ex-husband yesterday. while i knew it was going to happen, and was braced for it, it was still a shock to see him. i think i looked at him for a total of 2 seconds, and never looked at him again the entire time. i saw no changes. a little thinner, and a little greyer, but nothing else. and the attitude i heard yesterday confirmed it. some of us grow and change, and some don't.

thank god mark was there with me. it made everything so much easier. i knew he had my back. to have someone you know will back you, no matter what, but is willing to tell you when you're fucking up, and love you heart and soul, none the less, that is truly priceless. i'm so glad he came into our lives.

You might be a redneck if our local grocery store also has a few pool tables. (sounds familiar!)

Pattern of the Day: Rib warmer. this is a vest, done completely in garter stitch. i may make up a few for the november project, depending on my knitting progress for christmas prezzies.

and yes erin, the cd's rock. i love listening to gaelic singers.

Have a nice day


TitaniumRose said...

I'm not sure if we convinced Meeka to write up the pattern for the wrap thing or not, but I hope she does. And she's always like that - never really thinks she's got talent and that what she does is no big deal. But I've never seen anyone crochet faster or whip out such lovely things with absolutely NO pattern. I think part of the problem is that her husband doesn't sound terribly supportive of her skills so she probably only hears praises from us gals. I do think that she also does quite a bit of charity crafting, too, so giving her stuff away is pretty typical.

fillyjonk said...

By all means, snag the meme.

I'm happy the trash-can costume made you laugh - I just love the guy's expression in the final picture.

Some days you just need something like that. Maybe I should try to dredge out the "Groovin' Granny" link and post it again, that was something that also always made me laugh.

aliassak said...

In answer to your comment over at my spot, we're going the first full week in August '06, but only staying for two days before returning home. Getting a reservation for the North Rim may be a bit difficult now, since they've gone into part-time mode, but the same company has lodgings on the South Rim as well.