Saturday, October 08, 2005

i would but . . .

i would post piccies, but i have a few problems. yes, blondie did have my camera. she took it with her last night to take pictures at haunted houses (she adores this time of year for that alone), and then ended up not taking any. i do have my camera back, but sean was on a battery quest as his guitar teacher gave him a cd player to listen to cd's (he has listening homework) and i told him he'd have to buy his own batteries (the kid has more cash than i do at the moment!). so, instead of patiently waiting for me to go buy some (tomorrow, i'm in for the night) he steals mine out of my camera! and i can only find one. sigh.

oops, brb, i just spilled goldens & cherries all over my jeubpard.

whew, that could have been disasterous! have you ever had goldens & cherries? it's a product made by sunmaid, and it's golden raisins (which are not as sweet as regular ones) and dried cherries. very tasty, and addicting.

i did knit today. i am on row 9 of the chart for the hearts for my first row of hearts on the baby afghan. i went to hobby lobby today (to buy halloween costume stuff, honest!) and hunted for apink that would go well with the pink i'm using for the afghan, to use for the sweater, as teh sweater pattern is baby weight, and the pink i'm using for the afghan is worsted weight. i got out of there with one skein of baby weight pink, a skein of bernat camo, a bunch of purple mums (flowers were half off, if i had known that, iwould have sat down and made a list, as i'm starting wedding flowers!) a scary sounds cd (i have a 3 cd player, and i figured i could just play all 3 cds in a row without repeating all night!), and a gravevine wreath i'm using to make a gandalf staff for mark.

speaking of costumes, i did take my pattern and measure it against sean (i'm using the xs for him, teh small for liam, and the xl for mark, with subtractions for sean and additions for mark, lol). and i got all the paper cut out. now i gotta pin, cut and sew. sigh. at least it's some progress.

my brother (the non-stinky one) sent me an email to call, because he and his wife are coming for thanksgiving! granted they are flying in late wednesday night, and leaving early saturday (i can't get out of work friday wah!) but he will be here! cool! the last thanksgiving they were here did not turn out too well, sigh. sherrill and mark went at it (she thought it was too soon after my ex for me to be "dating" and found a note i had written him calling him my husband (we were engaged even then (2 years ago!)) and that was all she wrote. sherrill is very opinionated, and mark decided he'd had enough, and went downstairs and played, before he said something he'd regret.) of course, bob took her side, and i took mark's, and thanksgiving turned to shit. they stayed home with my mom and bought one of those turkey dinners in a box, and we went to mark's parents, and nobody was happy. however, she did call and apologize for her behavior (she said she called her sister for advice, and her sister said "you did that in HIS house?"). so we did get together before they went back, but it was still rough. however, there's been time & distance in there, and i think (and hope) everybody has mellowed out. thanksgiving will be at my house, so ig et to cook again (joy). thanksgiving is not my favorite holiday. it's a lot of work, and headache, and i'm always exhausted and crabby by the time we eat. not fun. at least this year i'll have 2, maybe 3 ovens to utilize (i think i'll throw some stuff in my mom's oven, and have them bring it when they come). mark lives 5 minutes from here, so that will be a piece of cake.

and he's a magnificent cook. i lucked out. not only did i find a man who can cook, he can cook almost (hey, i cna't give him that much credit) as well as i do, and loves to do it. i still do over 50% of the cooking, but sometimes we cook together (that's ALWAYS fun), and sometimes he fills in, and does it himself. especially on man night (he and the boys do fun stuff while i go to knit night).

What i'm reading:
Lord John & the Private Matter by Diana Gabaldon (book tape in the car)
Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (book tape in the house)
A Breath of Snow & Ashes by Diana Gabaldon (gee, looks like i'm addicted, eh? i got the book tapes before my book arrived, as i was hankering for some Diana)
Girls in Pants: The Third Summer by Ann Brashares. i'm reading this now, even though i just got it today, because it's on the "list" and i'll have to take it back in 3 weeks.

You might be a redneck if your car and its motor are more than 10 feet apart.

Pattern of the Weekend: Chill Chasers Eyelet Pattern Wrap. this is the 4th piece of the set, and somehow it doens't quite go. hat, mittens, ear muffs and . . . wrap? i would think scarf, but eh, what do i know. it is a pretty pattern, and one i may use.

Have a nice day!

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