Friday, October 07, 2005

i'm such a flake

and here's the place to prove it. wanna see what i did?

see isn't it so pretty? this website is kinda fun, and a great time waster. gee erin, i bet you could do this for hours! and no itty bitty pieces of paper to pick up!

what got me started was cutting out pattern pieces for the boys' costumes (all 3 of them, lol!) mark is insisting on a semi-authentic gandalf staff, sigh, so i've been thinking. i finally figured it out. if you watched the movies at all, you'd notice that gandalf's staff when he is the grey is a stick fresh from the tree. so i'm going to buy a 6 ft closet pole, and hot glue grapevine to it. sound good? i'll spray paint the whole thing, and call it done.

Here's the other flake i made. this one is edgy.

and who knew that a cat would have so much fun with pattern paper? i've been giving him the left over bits so he'll leave the main parts alone, and he's having a ball! sorry, no pics, i don't know where my camera went (i have a feeling it's with a certain redhead with the nick of "blondie" sigh.)

I did finish the hat at 1130 last night. i had to frog the thing 4 times because i wasn't happy with how it was coming out, but i finally finished it. neither of my friends were at work today, but i found out one is working tomorrow, so i left the hat there with the other mc, and he put a note on it.

i found out they're taking up a collection at work for her and her son. i'm glad they're doing it, and i'm going to pitch in a few bucks, but there's another woman there, losing her husband by inches (literally, he's been moving toward the end for months (he has liver cancer)). she has actually left work to take care of him as well, but no one has stepped forward to help her. when he dies, she may actually lose her house! i'm going to talk to the supervisor, and see if we can take one up for her as well. the last time she was at work, it was all she could do to not cry everytime she got off the phone. i cannot imagine how she feels. she told me she met her husband when she was 10 & he was 12. they dated all through high school, and married right out of it. wow. a soul mate. there seems to be a lot of death and dying around here lately.

On a lighter note, i sat next to a gentleman who distinctly reminds me of santa claus. he has a white beard, white hair (granted his is half way down his back), and a jelly belly. we chatted all day long. he said his long term goal is to save enough money up to move to amsterdam and buy a hashish bar, and sell fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies all day long. too funny. i told him my bahama/bar slash yarnstore/coffee house idea, and he thought that was pretty good too. now if only i could coordinate the two? i've been daydreaming,t he powerball jackpot is over $200M. nobody else buy a ticket, i've already got the winning one! i hope.

You might be a redneck if stealing roadsigns is a family outing.

. . . nobody else will touch your favorite cap.

Pattern of the Day:

10-6: Chill Chaser Mittens. these are to go with the hat. very nice.

10-7: Chill Chaser EAr Muffs. i'm sensing a theme here?

Have a nice day!

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Amie said...

I love the Make-a-Flake site - I played with it WAY too much while I was supposed to be working last winter....

I wonder if I could make a SHEEP SHEEP!