Thursday, October 27, 2005

one more

and i'm off to bed.

i bought jeans for mark online at langstons, and i'm very pleased. he wears a hard-to-find size (34x38) and they are very expensive at that. i bought these for 34.95 USD, plus free shipping over $100 (i bought 3 pair). they got here today, and they still have price tags on them from the store (they have a brick & mortar store in oklahoma as well). the tags say $55! that would not be including sales tax! i'm extremely tickled! i may never shop in a B&M for mark again. as tall and thin as he is, it's hard to find stuff to fit him properly, but if i can find deals like this online, i'm all for it!

now to knitting. i have been knitting a tiny bit. i finished the baby booties & hat to go with the sweater. now i need to do a blanket (but that will wait a bit). however, i'm thoroughly pissed off at my Manos. i'm trying to make an original creation hat for SoP's hat contest which the cut off date for is MONDAY! and the fucking thing has been frogged 8 times. i kid you not, 8 times. i keep getting something screwed up. i'm seriously tempted to go find liam's handspun elf hat, and turn that in. just because i made it 2 years ago doesn't mean i didn't make it, and i did spin the yarn myself as well. it's a thought.

catch ya on the flip side, i need sleep after today.

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TitaniumRose said...

You submit whichever hat you want and don't feel guilty about it. Nothing in the rules said it had to be a hat you made just for the contest, and besides, they'll never know if you don't tell them. My lips are sealed.